Vonn, skiing with a weakened right hand, slid out mid-course during Tuesday's Super-G but managed not to crash and skied to the finish zone where the 32-year-old was cheered loudly.

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"I was so distracted, I was trying to stay in the rhythm and I knew where I was on the course but I wasn't attacking I was just trying to figure out what was going on. Should I lose my pole? Should I try to get it back?," Vonn told Edwards during their coverage of the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships.
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"And by the last section I put it against my thigh and I got it back but I wasn't sure how I skied because I was distracted and thought I needed to make up some time so I pushed the line a little bit and went too straight. So now I'm using duct tape."

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"I’ve done it before," added Vonn.
“I duct taped my hand to my pole for half a season, including the slalom at the World Championships.
“It’s kind of annoying as once you are taped in you can’t get it out, so I need a bit of help at the start. But least I know my pole is going to stay on and I don’t have to think about it.”

Lindsey Vonn reflects on Super-G, looks forward to downhill

Vonn plans to compete in Friday's combined and Sunday's downhill, and the four-times overall World Cup champion and 2010 Olympic downhill gold medallist says her best chance for a victory is in Sunday's downhill.
She has 77 World Cup wins under her belt, nine victories off the record number held by Swedish great, Ingemar Stenmark.
Vonn spoke to Eurosport's lead presenter Edwards on a number of topics.


“I’ve had a lot of great feedback - I’ve been checking in on peoples’ responses on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone was really inspired and thought it was well done and they are excited for the next episode.
[Lindsey Vonn’s series Chasing History airs to rave reviews: ‘Wow! Like, wow! Can’t wait for more’]
"I’m really happy with it and I’m looking forward to continuing this project and creating some more fun shows. The cameras are following me around pretty much all day so I’m just myself and you get to see me. There is a lot that goes on in my training and my rehab and just hanging out with my family and friends.
"That’s just me you know – it’s my life. I work hard and do the best that I can each day. I go through things like seeing the doctor and my therapist. It’s a lot but I love it and I just enjoy every day, and I think you see that on the show.”


“I am very excited.
"The Olympics are something that motivate me and that I really work hard for. I was obviously disappointed that I didn’t got to Sochi because if my knee injury so I’m looking forward to Pyeongchang and the test races this year to get a good feel for the course hopefully and just stay healthy.”

South Korean students react to one of the mascots for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, a white tiger named "Soohorang", during the mascots' first public staging event at Hoenggye elementary school in Pyeongchang, about 150 kms east of Seoul, on July

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“Super G has definitely been a struggle this year. Downhill is nice to have the training runs and build my confidence.
"Today I took it easy to get a feel for the terrain, the hills are pretty big so I kind of just checked it out. I like the way the course is set so I’m going to keep improving on the training runs and hopefully do something in the combined.
"I just did slalom training today for the first time since Andorra last year so it’s been about a year since I skied slalom and did three runs today. My slalom days are over but combined I might be able to pull it off."
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