Maxence Muzaton produced one of the most sensational recoveries seen in Alpine skiing as he caught an edge racing at 70mph and tumbled over but somehow managed to land back on his skis in reverse.
The incredible moment occurred in the men’s downhill at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Cortina, with Muzaton’s miracle moment drawing applause from his fellow racers – and even race stewards too.
“Look at that for a recovery!” said Nick Fellows on commentary. “A full 360 but he skis away from it.
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“Muzaton has one of the luckiest escapes I think I’ve ever seen and this is my 17th World Championships.
“How on earth did he manage to stay on his skis?”

'One of the luckiest escapes I've ever seen!' - Skier makes incredible recovery from crash

Co-commentator Finlay Mickel was asked to try and explain what had just occurred…
“He goes down, catches an edge, we talked about it with the women’s: very grippy snow so it’s easy to catch an edge.
“He rolls on, just catches an edge, goes hip down… how he lands a switch there and stays on his feet, I have no idea.”
And as Fellows noted: “In reverse at 70mph is just remarkable.”
Incredibly, it was the second amazing escape that Muzaton had engineered this month alone…
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