Report: NFL set to drop full-time status for officials

Report: NFL set to drop full-time status for officials
By Reuters

12/07/2019 at 06:22Updated 12/07/2019 at 06:24

The NFL is set to feature part-time officials next season rather than granting full-time positions, according to a report from ESPN on Thursday night.

The decision comes as the league and officials negotiate on a new contract
with the NFL Referees Association. The current deal is set to expire next May.

ESPN reported that the league still has the ability to change its decision and
re-introduce full-time officiating positions for next season.

The league employed about 20 percent of its officials on a full-time basis
last season, according to ESPN. Those who are categorized as part-time are
required to stay away from league business from the end of the season until
May. Regardless of designation, all officials effectively work full-time once
the season begins.

Officiating has drawn intense scrutiny over the past several seasons,
particularly in the wake of a non-call that helped the Los Angeles Rams
capture the NFC title over the New Orleans Saints. A soon-to-expire contract,
along with pressure for improved officiating from players, coaches and fans,
could create a tense negotiation process between the league and the officials'

In 2012, the NFL used replacement officials for several weeks after failing to
reach an agreement in time with its officials.

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