Germany's female gymnasts wore full-body suits as they competed in the qualification round at the Olympics as part of their protest against unfair, uncomfortable, sexualised dress codes in sport.
Sarah Voss, Pauline Schaefer-Betz, Elisabeth Seitz and Kim Bui all wore red and white outfits that covered their bodies to the ankles - a sharp contrast to the traditional leotards that are usually seen in competition.
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They had worn similar outfits for practice last week, and Seitz was quoted as saying that it was "about what feels comfortable".
We wanted to show that every woman, everybody, should decide what to wear."
This is the second time Germany have protested on the international stage about these dress codes - they wore similar outfits at the European Championships earlier this year, and Voss said then that they wanted to help young women feel safer and more comfortable while competing.
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