Salazar, who has coached a variety of other athletes in addition to Farah, was given a four-year ban on October 1 by the USADA.
However, Farah insists that his personal record is clean and suggested that race may be a factor in the accusations against him.
"There is no more I can do," he said. "I am probably one of the most tested athletes in the world.
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"I get tested all the time and I'm happy to be tested anytime, anywhere and for my sample to be used to keep and freeze it.
"There is a clear agenda to this. I know where you are going with it. I have seen it with Raheem Sterling and Lewis Hamilton.
"This is not about Mo Farah, this is about Alberto Salazar. I am not Alberto.
"I was never given anything. I am not on testosterone or whatever it is. At the time I never saw any wrongdoing when I was there. This allegation is about Salazar, not Mo Farah."
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