Announcing his decision on social media, the two-time Olympian and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games champion said he was proud of his career.
Now 31, Smith announced himself to the athletics world with a bronze medal at the 2003 World Youth Championships and set his personal best of 5.82m back in 2012.
Known to many a 'Air Lewis', the Stoke man announced his retirement ahead of his final competition in Reno, Nevada.
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"What an incredible life pole-vaulting has given me," he said. "I spend twenty years consciously dedicating my time to becoming a true professional in my sport and it paid off in ways that I could've only dreamed of.
"To say I have been privileged to have great people in my life would be an understatement. Sometimes I can't believe who 'showed up' and inspired me to new heights and invested time into my development as an athlete and person.
"I love sport because my achievements can never be taken away. Two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games gold medallist and national record holder – these will always be remembered as the moments when I was able to 'let go' and believe in my dream.
"I want to thank every single person who ever sponsored, supported, cheered, sent kind messages or even just took a moment to think about me in times of joy and sadness.
"Tonight in Reno, Nevada, I will step out onto the runway one last time to draw a line under my career and it just so happens that it falls on my mum's birthday… a perfect way to retire.
"I'm looking forward to sharing my future plans and retirement with everyone but for now I am heading to the arena with Leah and Eli to share a moment with 3000+ pole vaulters and close friends at the 2018 National Pole Vault Summit."
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