The worrying Ebola outbreak is the biggest to hit the world with three nations - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea - all hit by the killer virus.
More than 700 people have died across Africa and Sierra Leone cyclist Moses Sesay, 32, was admitted to hospital in Glasgow with doctors testing him for Ebola.
He was given the all-clear, but the country's athletes are now reluctant to return to their home with health organisations warning the virus is spreading quicker than efforts to contain it.
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Unisa Deen Kargbo, the team's chef de mission, told The Times: "Many people are thinking whether or not to go home now. Everybody is worried and many of them don't want to go home now because of the Ebola.
"We have held several meetings with them, but they are still worried. This virus is spreading around our country and everyone is at risk of catching it. The problem is, if they want to stay on after the Commonwealth Games end, who will take care of them?
"They will have no accommodation, no work. How do they meet their needs? How will they get themselves employed?"
A Commonwealth Games spokesperson was quick to clarify that no traces of the virus had been detected in Glasgow.
'No, just to be really clear, there is no Ebola in the athletes' village," Jackie Brock-Doyle said. "There is no Ebola virus in Scotland. I want to be really, really clear about that.''
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