The former British 400m runner - who won bronze at the Sydney 2000 Games - is adamant that the proof will ultimately be in the pudding and that, until then, it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise.
"Research does not interest me at all – I do not follow it because we have not had a London Olympics since the days of black and white television, so how can you say that it won't get children involved?" Merry told
"Who is to say that children will not go and watch it and then be inspired.
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"I remember watching Kathy Cook run in the LA 1984 Olympics and she inspired me, so imagine what a home Games might do.
"All the ranting and raving about obesity at the moment and about children being lazy is clearly not the case if you look at some of the grassroots events we have.
"I think we should just wait until after 2012, before we start saying whether it will work or not."
As part of the UK Athletics' long-term performance strategy - funded through Norwich Union's £50 million commitment to athletics until 2012 - the 32-year-old is currently a mentor, along with Daley Thompson, to Britain's junior elite athletes.
But despite working with the crème-de-la-crème of young talent, she is also aware of the difficulties her sport endures in attracting and then maintaining the interest of tomorrow's Olympic hopefuls.
"So much has changed in the way this generation embraces athletics, so we have to adapt and move with the times," continued Merry.
"It is about keeping it fun for the kids so that in turn you keep them involved.
"It is difficult to attract them into athletics, with the luxuries that surround football because it does not have the pull or glamour of football.
"If you ask kids, would they rather be Jason Gardener or David Beckham then I am sure that nine out of ten would say Beckham.
"So, when athletes do well it is important that we let kids know that, so that youngsters are inspired by the likes of Kelly Sotherton, Kelly Holmes and Craig Pickering."
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