Pavey targetting title at 44

Pavey targetting title at 44
By Sportsbeat

16/08/2017 at 20:23

Jo Pavey is adamant she has no plans to retire just yet, with the five-time Olympian instead targeting a successful defence of her European 10,000m title in Germany next year.

Back in 2014 and then aged 40, the British long distance runner became the oldest woman to claim European gold when she won the 10,000m in Zurich.

Pavey is now 43 and will be one month shy of the 45th birthday when the European Championships are held in Berlin next summer.

But while she missed the recent World Championships due to a heel injury, and has ruled out competing at the Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2018, the Brit is keen to extend her track career.

"With the Commonwealths being in April, and having a family and all the different phases of my life I'm at now, I just think it's the Europeans that I'm most interested in," Pavey said.

"It was frustrating getting injured early in the season because I was quite pleased with the way the track sessions were starting to unfold.

"I actually felt younger this year than I did maybe in the last year or two, so I was looking forward to trying to put some good track performances in.

"I suppose I have to retire one day, but I'll never completely retire - I'll always keep running."

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