Two-time Olympic champion Daley Thompson believes Team GB's memorable Tokyo 2020 can inspire the British public to get active and involved with sport this summer.
As part of I Am Team GB's Festival of Sport, Thompson, alongside a whole host of sporting stars, is encouraging the general public to get into the Olympic spirit by giving new activities a go.
And the decathlon star, who claimed storied gold medals at Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984, is backing the I Am Team GB campaign to help inspire people of all ages to embrace the power of sport.
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"I'm delighted to be able to support the I Am Team GB campaign," said Thompson. "Campaigns like this are a touchpoint for everyone.
"You watch the Olympics on TV and you see someone doing speed climbing for example, and it never occurs to you that you can do that.
"Events like this give you a touchpoint to find out more about sports, and you can ask questions about the location of the nearest facilities to you so that's what is great about it."
Tokyo 2020 threw a whole new generation of sports stars into the international spotlight, with athletes like 13-year-old skateboarding star Sky Brown front and centre of Team GB's new wave of talent.
And Thompson, 63, believes the exposure for newer Olympic sports can only be a good thing in the long run.
"I suspect some of the reasons for the inclusion of the newer Olympic sports is to cater to a younger audience," explained Thompson.
"That's not a bad thing and I suspect that most of the people that are in the other sports are 20-plus, whereas this is the first time I've ever seen 12, 13 and 14 years-olds gain all the medals.
"It's brilliant and they've thrown themselves into it like they've been doing it for loads and loads of Olympics. It's been great to see all the new sports come in and inspire people."
During his time competing on the world stage, Thompson inspired countless people to engage in sport through his success.
And while he admits that he didn't fully embrace the idea of inspiring a generation during his competitive days, he now knows just how special that feeling is - hailing it as one of the greatest achievements for an athlete.
"At the time I wasn't aware of it [inspiring a generation], but even now, I was walking into the Bullring in Birmingham and somebody came up to me and said because of you I got into school sport, and I did this and that," said Thompson.
"When I look back on and think on it, it's really exciting.
"As an athlete, it's one of the best things that can happen to you knowing that you inspire people to do good.
"At the time, I never really realised that because I was being selfish and concentrating on my own career!"
With Covid-19 forcing Tokyo 2020 to be held behind closed doors, home support back in Britain for Team GB has never been more important.
And while the games have now wrapped up and Team GB's stars are heading home, Thompson reckons all the athletes competing will appreciate the support from afar.
He added: "It's always important as an athlete to appreciate and acknowledge all the people who have helped you.
"No matter who you are, no matter how individual your sport is, people have always helped you.
"You've always got a little team around you, be that your parents, your siblings, relatives, coaches or teachers.
"For most of us, that little team probably involves 20 or 30 people, so it's always important to acknowledge them and the people that support you, even from further afield."
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