Oympiakos (Greece)

2020 NBA Draft: Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman go 1-2
19/11/2020 AT 06:40


If you're into long-term thinking, Pokusevski might be the most intriguing
prospect in the draft. At 7-feet-0 and 195 pounds, he looks like he'd be a
50-50 shot to hold up to a strong wind. But his skill set suggests he could be
a force of nature one day.

Averaging 23 minutes for a second-division Greek team last year, Pokusevski
scored 10.8 points per game while grabbing 7.9 rebounds and dishing out 3.1
assists. For good measure, he collected 1.3 steals and rejected 1.8 shots.
Giannis comparisons, anyone?

That is intentionally extreme, but his 94-foot game beckons big picture
vision. While his 40 percent field goal percentage could use improvement, he
has showed promise as a catch-and-shoot player, and also proved to be
efficient in transition. Add his ability to pass for profit and the length to
gum up passing lanes as a defender, and you have a legit prospect.


To become a productive pro, whether it's in the NBA or somewhere else,
Pokusevski needs some meat on his bones. It wouldn't be illogical to suggest
he can gain 30 pounds and not lose any quickness. Time in the weight room
wouldn't hurt him at all. His upper-body physique in particular is a worry for
NBA scouts who see him as a major detriment defensively.

The rest of his weaknesses are things that can also improve with time and
physical maturity. Scouts would love to see him refine his shot and be more
aggressive. There are times he's simply too deferential on the court, a trait
no one with his skill set should claim.

All in all, this Serbian has a lot going for him. Incredible length, good ball
skills and the ability to make plays for teammates will give him an NBA
chance. What he does to fill out his body and his game will determine whether
he becomes the next Giannis or simply a guy that tempts.

Projection: First round pick

--Field Level Media

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