NBA to use coaches' challenges in summer league

NBA to use coaches' challenges in summer league
By Reuters

28/06/2019 at 18:05Updated 28/06/2019 at 18:07

The NBA will allow coaches to review certain calls in summer league play this year and is expected to use the rule during 2019-20 regular season "on a trial basis," according to an ESPN report Friday morning.

The ESPN report cites a memo sent to teams Friday that sets guidelines for the
challenge system, which has been tested in the G League the last two seasons
and was used some in summer league last year. Coaches will get one challenge
per game and may only use it to challenge called fouls, goaltending, basket
interference and plays where the ball is knocked out of bounds. Teams must
have a timeout remaining in order for the coach to use a challenge.

A time out must be called immediately following the play in question. If the
challenge is successful, the team keeps the timeout it used to stop play. If
unsuccessful, they lose that timeout. Also, unlike the NFL where coaches
retain the challenge if successful, NBA coaches will lose the challenge no
matter the outcome.

Challenges involving fouls will be determined by the crew chief among the
referees, while the NBA's Replay Center will decide all other challenges.

ESPN quotes the memo as saying, "We anticipate this rule will be in effect in
in the NBA next season as part of a one-year pilot program."

The report adds that the NBA will submit the new challenge system to the Board
of Governors for a vote on July 9 and would require support from two-thirds of
the league's teams.

According to ESPN, the memo states: "Based on the feedback we have received,
we expect it to be adopted."

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