Godfrey 14-0 (9) employed a surprising strategy as both men emerged for the first round of a fight that many predicted would be a close, action packed contest. A natural right handed fighter, Godfrey chose to meet his lefty opponent in a southpaw stance. This decision seemed to throw Cora who ditched his usual high output style and instead elected to stay at range, allowing Godfrey to land effectively with his jab and subsequent body attack.
Cora was clearly baffled by Godfrey"s game plan as the big Rhode Islander remained in the southpaw stance as round two began. The unbeaten third year pro backed Cora against the ropes early on with his stiff right jab and banged away to the body as the Texan covered up. Cora"s first, and only, moment of success came at the end of this attack as he clocked Godfrey with a hard left hand that halted his momentum.
Cora was still allowing his opponent to fight at range and Godfrey looked comfortable as he doubled up his jab and blasted Cora with strong combinations to the body. As the round came to a close, Cora, realizing that he could not be effective on the outside against the rangier Godfrey, attempted to crowd his opponent and the two fighters locked horns against the ropes.
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Toney wins by split decision
25/05/2007 AT 04:19
Just as he had positioned himself on the inside, Cora found himself on the receiving end of a monstrous right hand/left hook combination that knocked him to the canvas. Clearly hurt, Cora remained sprawled on the deck for the majority of the count, but gamely managed to rise and beat the count at nine.
Godfrey, however, would not allow his adversary to recover and he jumped on Cora immediately, unleashing a whirlwind of punches as the Texan covered up against the ropes. With nothing thrown in return, referee Ed Claudio wisely stopped the fight as the second round came to a close.
Time of stoppage – 2:45 of round two.
Undercard Report
Jason Estrada Wpts6 Zack Page: After losing his first professional fight last November, former amateur super heavyweight star Jason &lsquoBig Six" Estrada promised that the majority points loss against Travis Walker that night would signal the end of his lackluster performances.
Against Zack Page on Friday evening, Estrada, lean and clearly in shape, made good on that promise as he easily out pointed his opponent over eight rounds. Estrada entered the ring at 239lbs – a career low and 18lbs lighter than his last, losing performance against Walker, and it showed as he set, and maintained, a fast pace throughout the fight.
Known more for his hand speed than his power, Estrada 8-1-1 (1) was clearly determined to make a statement as he hunted Page 12-12-1 (4) around the ring early on. Looking infinitely more aggressive than at any point in his professional career, Estrada pummeled Page with hard and fast combinations to the body throughout as he searched for his second stoppage victory in ten fights pro fights.
Page, however, proved durable and although he didn"t throw anything of substance back at Estrada, he did manage to frustrate the young heavyweight by successfully moving away from the ropes as the Rhode Islander headhunted late in the fight.
All three judges scored the action 60-54 in favor of the much improved and highly promising Estrada.
Juan Manuel Buendia Wpts8 Israel Cordona: In his third fight since a four year layoff, former lightweight world title challenger Israel Cardona found himself on the business end of a one sided pasting, courtesy of Mexican Juan Manuel Buendia, over eight rounds of welterweight action.
Cardona 36-7 (28) was unimaginative and technically sloppy as he succumbed to the frantic pace that was forced upon him by his opponent. Throwing an incredible 911 punches over eight rounds, Buendia 14-1-1 (8) found an easy target in Cardona, who walked invitingly into the path of the Mexican"s punches throughout the fight.
Buendia had the Hartford, CT native hurt in the fourth round, but was unable to put him away as Cardona threw back and recovered well in the closing stages. The 26-year-old Mexican continued to dominate the action both on the inside and at distance in the fifth round and, apart from a brief flurry in the sixth, Cardona spent the remainder of the fight lazily throwing back in an unimaginative display of boxing.
All three judges scored the fight 79-73 in favor of Buendia.
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