Maddalone Promises To Take The Fight To Holyfield

Maddalone Promises To Take The Fight To Holyfield
By Seconds Out

15/03/2007 at 00:00Updated

Heavyweight hope Vinny Maddalone has promised to take the fight to Evander Holyfield when the pair clash at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday night.

Speaking earlier this week from his training camp the 33 year-old from Flushing, New York said: "I am not Fres Oquendo or Jermey Bates(last two opponents). I will take the fight to him. I have never taken a backward step in my entire career. I come to fight."

"He is a well conditioned athlete and I am prepared RIGHT NOW to go the distance. This will be the fight of my life and I do not plan on coming out the loser."

"Holyfield is a throwback fighter from the days of Marciano, Frazier and Dempsey. My trainer, Al Certo, is a throwback himself. He has seen the greats first hand and worked with them. He knows how to beat them. Holyfield might have toughness and guts, but when he faces me, he will find out that he has met his match!

"Al Certo and I have been training very hard for this fight. At the crack of dawn, he has me out in the snow doing my roadwork. My sparring has been intense with some of the best guys we could find. They are preparing me for everything that Holyfield will throw at me."

"Evander Holyfield is a smart fighter. He has a strong inside game. Al Certo and I have designed a strategy where we will punish him for being in my range."

March 14, 2007