Roach may miss Pacquiao

Roach may miss Pacquiao
By Seconds Out

05/04/2007 at 12:00Updated

The on-going legal battle between Bob Arum's Top Rank and Oscar De La Hoya"s Golden Boy Promotions for the promotional services of Manny Pacquiao may cost the Filipino superstar his trainer for his next fight against Mexican Jorge Solis at the Alamodome i

With Freddie Roach currently training De La Hoya in Puerto Rico, there is no guarantee that he will be available for Pacquiao who is headlining the Top Rank card.

Justin Fortune, Roach"s right hand man at the Wildcard Gym who is currently training Pacquiao, is not sure whether Roach will be in San Antonio.

"I am just as much in the dark as you are," he said. "I have no idea whether he is coming in. One minute he is coming, the next minute he is not, so I really don"t know. I have put a couple of calls in, but I haven"t got through to him yet. As soon as I know, I will let you guys know."

Arum doubts whether Roach will make it.

"You have to understand that Freddie is with De La Hoya and De La Hoya for the last month has doing his damndest to stop this fight," he explained. "It is really inconsistent with Freddie coming. Freddie is down there in Puerto Rico and Justin has been working with Manny and Justin is a hell of a trainer."

28 year-old Pacquiao said on Thursday that he has spoken to Roach in Puerto Rico on the telephone, but he could not get a definitive answer.

"He is not really sure," he said. "Justin will be in the corner and he will be the trainer in this fight."

The highly regarded Roach has been extremely busy for a number of years training many fighters out of Los Angeles and has used Fortune as his chief trainer to handle duties with him for a number of world champion boxers.

"Regardless of whether we see Freddie or not, Manny is in great condition," said Fortune. "We have trained real hard for this fight and I have been working with Manny now for the last, probably four years, three or four years. Our build-up has been exactly the same for all the other fights, the Morales and the Barreras, so he is very fit and ready to go. The same as we always are."

Pacquiao 43-3-2 (34) does not seem too concerned if Roach is not in the corner for him when he faces the undefeated 27 year-old Solis 32-0-2 (23) at junior lightweight.

"Justin and Freddie Roach is the same for me because we have been training together for the last four years," he said. "He (Justin) knows what we are going to do."