Vargas wants Mayorga

Vargas wants Mayorga
By Seconds Out

21/03/2007 at 12:00Updated

Not content with going out on a loss, Fernando Vargas has stated his desire to fight Ricardo Mayorga for a last hurrah.

Speaking with Bob Buttitta of the Ventura County Star, the former 154lb champion said: "It's not for money. It's not for belts. I'm looking to make this fight for one reason and one reason only - for pride.

"My pride may kill me, but I can't leave like this", he continued. "That's why we're trying to get this fight with Mayorga."

Having lost twice to Shane Mosley, the second by vicious knockout, Vargas believes making the 154lb limit has cost him dearly.

"Having to lose all the weight just before the fight affected me a lot," said Vargas.

"Fighting at 162, I won"t have that problem. I"m looking forward to being ripped and in great shape come June."

Vargas also told Buttitta that he would be training under his childhood coach Eduardo Garcia for this last fight.

"Garcia knows me in and out. He made me.

"I have learned some other things, but ultimately, I wanted to come back and finish out my career with my trainer.

"He knows what I need, what I can and can"t do. He"s been teaching me since I was a kid."

Mayorga, the larger than life Nicaraguan crazy man, seems to be the comeback opponent of choice for elite fighters. Both Felix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya resurrected their careers after bad losses by fighting Mayorga, both knocking him out and looking extremely good in the process.

Mayorga's technical flaws are obviously a big factor in choosing him, but his big mouth and ability to offend just about everyone he meets means he is great for putting backsides in seats.

"He is a guy who will talk smack from the beginning," Vargas told Buttitta.

"Believe me, if he acts crazy at the press conference, slapping me on the back on the head like he did Oscar, I will not have that."

The event will no doubt be a sell out if promoted properly, and given Vargas' propensity to flare up at press conferences, they may be able to sell seats to that as well.