Brewster and Scotland slip up against Finland

Brewster and Scotland slip up against Finland
By Sportsbeat

22/11/2016 at 14:12

Skip Tim Brewster cut a forlorn figure as Scotland men suffered a last-gasp defeat to Finland to begin day four of the European Championships in Braehead.

Scotland had set up the final end of their game against Finland well for the win as they two sides were locked at 5-5.

But Brewster's last stone – an attempted hit and stay for one shot and victory – hit but rolled and, to add further problems, jammed on the way out.

This left the umpire to measure two other stones sitting in the 12-foot ring before eventually pointing to the Finnish stone to award them a steal of one and the 6-5 win, their first victory of the week.

"Clearly I'm disappointed," Brewster said. "We were a bit tight on time and I probably rushed my last shot and over-iced, that was all.

"I knew the jam was there and that’s why I didn't play peel eight – that's why we dropped the weight a little, and that was it."

Scotland remain joint fourth in the rankings alongside Italy and Russia, who lost to first-placed Switzerland and Sweden respectively, while Austria beat Denmark 9-3.

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