Niklas Edin and his team have been superb throughout the tournament, winning 100% of their matches as they swept aside the competition.

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"It feels really, really good obviously we played amazingly all week," Edin said after the game.

I don’t think we’ve ever played better across a whole event, no games were close.

"Looking back on it it’s for sure our most dominant win ever. To that at a European Championship feels unreal especially after the fall where we didn’t get the results we wanted so it feels really good."

It was a similar story in the final as Sweden raced into a 6-1 lead against a Switzerland side who didn’t seem to quite know what had hit them.

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Or they did know, they just couldn’t find a way to stop them.

In fact the only time Sweden did lose a little focus was when they were so far ahead that it was no longer relevant and Edin joked that they weren’t opposed to a few extra ends.

"It was tough to be honest, we played really well to start but when you get into that 3-1 lead you know you’re playing well enough and you want to see what they do first before you take any risks," he said.

"I feel we played well enough to not let this one slip, the focus might have gone down a bit at the end but still good to play more ends when we’re playing this well."

'Our most dominant win ever' - Edin reflects on his team's incredible performance

Edin was also keen to pay tribute to the home crowd, praising them for helping with the mood.

"Yeah definitely," he said. "The crowd today was amazing, they had some really good chants and made us laugh all game, it was a really good atmosphere out there, we played really well and it was an amazing final to play in."

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