Laura Kenny says she is disappointed she will not be able to take her son Albie to watch her and husband Jason competing at the Olympics in Tokyo.
Their plan has changed after Japan’s decision to block spectators from overseas attending the Games because of concerns over the spread of coronavirus.
Kenny is Britain’s most decorated female Olympian and will be looking to add to her four gold medals in Tokyo, her first Games since becoming a mum.
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“The latest we heard from Team GB was the Olympics is going to happen but it was only going to be supporters from Tokyo who would be able to watch”, Kenny told Metro.
“Which is a little bit disappointing as we really wanted Albie to come out”.
Kenny has been speaking about the importance of grassroots sport, and how if there is one up side from the pandemic, it has encouraged a lot more people to be active outside.
“When I go out on my bike now, the amount of people I see walking, running, cycling is just insane,’ she added.
“If you think about the good things that have come out of Covid, that’s definitely one of them.
I just think people are way more active than they ever used to be and hope we can keep that up.
“Jason’s parents started walking, they go for a walk every single day and they never did that before so hopefully they’ll keep that up because I do think that’s massively important.”
Organised sport is either up and running or about to be in the UK, although each devolved nation has different rules around who can take part, when.
“It’s so sad. And it’s hard to think there are people out there who are literally just sat at home, people who are working from home”, said Kenny.
I do think the amount of people who watched the old Olympic shows back and the old football games on TV last year show that people miss sport.
“When football couldn’t go ahead, I think that proved how much our nation needs it!”
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