Olympic great Chris Hoy has paid tribute to fellow Scot Katie Archibald after her victory at the opening round of the 2022 Track Champions League in Mallorca.

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“To see her performing the way she has tonight is wonderful and we are all so pleased for her," said Hoy on Eurosport.
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Archibald powered to victory in the opening race of the women’s endurance competition. It was the 28-year-old’s first win at the elite level since her partner, the mountain biker Rab Wardell, died suddenly from a cardiac arrest in August.
"The whole cycling world - the whole world - was in shock,” said Hoy. “You will never hear a bad word about Rab, one of the nicest human beings you would ever meet, and we are all still in shock now.”
He expressed his admiration for Archibald, not only for how she coped with Wardell’s death, but with the way she had handled a number of other hardships, setbacks and challenges she had faced in 2022.
"It was a bad enough year with the crashes, the accidents and the injuries she had,” Hoy said.
After breaking two bones in her back in March, and then her collarbone in a crash at the UCI Track Nations Cup in April, Archibald suffered ankle injuries in June when she was crashed into by the driver of an SUV.

Watch as Britain's Archibald powers to victory in scratch race in Mallorca

"To see how Katie has used her grief and clung onto her cycling, her training - she is getting through it by riding her bike," said Hoy.
The way the rider has responded to such tragedy, Hoy said, could be a great example for anyone experiencing something similar.
"For everyone going through grief right now, they can be inspired by looking at Katie,” he said. “The strength of character she has, I just don't know where it comes from."
Hoy’s own close friend, the cycling journalist Richard Moore, died suddenly in March.
Archibald was unable to repeat the performance in the second race of the evening, as she was knocked out first in the elimination race, an event she won four times in last year’s Champions League.

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For her part, Archibald said it was "fantastic to have won. I came in with a very different mentality last year, [when] I was nervous but confident.
"But this time, as I'm less confident, I'm learning to be aggressive with it."
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After a great debut season, the UCI Track Champions League is back for season two, with Laura Kenny joining the party. You can watch it all live and on demand on discovery+. We also have extensive coverage across eurosport.com.
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