The Süddeutsche Zeitung claimed the name &lsquoJan Ulrich' – incorrectly spelled with one &lsquol' – as well as that of Basso were among a list of names of professional cyclists and employees on a document signed by "Eufuentes" and sent to the Columbian Nelson Giraldo Flores.
Other names on the list were said to be those of Alessandro Kalc, Alberto Leon, Marcos Serrano, Michele Scarponi and Giro d'Italia runner-up Jose Enrique Gutierrez
In the fax, Fuentes was said to be asking his accomplice Giraldo for his "help and co-operation" for the "festival in May" – almost certainly implying the Giro d'Italia.
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Since news of the affair broke, 32 year-old Ullrich (right) has denied having any contact or indeed anything to do with Doctor Fuentes, though this latest development seems only to put further pressure on the troubled German star.

CYCLING 2006 Jan Ullrich

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It is the first time his actual name has been uncovered in the investigation. Until now, only references such as 'hijo Rudicio' - son of Rudy (Pevenage, his manager) had been reported.
Ullrich's manager Wolfgang Strohband dismissed the credibility of the article, stating "we have the report published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, we are aware of it. Curiously enough, the name Jan Ullrich is said to be next to number seven. Until know it had always been said that he was the number one. What is said in the article is totally impossible."
He refused to say whether or not Ullrich would take legal action over the article, claiming "we haven't talked about that yet."
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