There was a somewhat embarrassing move from Fernando Gaviria as he attacked then immediately crashed during Stage 8 of the 2021 Giro d'Italia.
Gaviria clearly sensed that it was his perfect moment to strike as he launched a surprising attack on a breakaway move on Saturday afternoon.
Then he crashed into a wall.
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The 26-year-old was left to lick his wounds and gather himself after the incident with his burst one he would regret.
It was an understandable attack from the Colombian, but he clearly did not have a feel for the road ahead as he swerved off into the wall and had to rejoin at the back of the group.
Eurosport commentator Rob Hatch said: "Gaviria makes a move... Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! That's not looking good.
"He has gone to ground. In pain, Gaviria, excited and sliding out. I'm afraid, that's a worry!"
Sean Kelly added: "What's he getting excited about at the moment? There is still 37km to go and he has got experience.
He has been in big moments and is not a new pro in a first Grand Tour where you got over anxious and excited. That is crazy stuff!
"With all his experience, he should not be doing that! When you move like that, that is not going to work out for you."
It was not the only ill-advised move of the day after Ineos star Egan Bernal was told to go away by rival riders in a comical breakaway from the former Tour de France champion.

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The 24-year-old made a surprise move on a flat stretch of road with the peloton being pulled all over the place by crosswinds and with splits suddenly appearing. Whether Bernal's sudden move to the front was intentional or not, it was not particularly clear, but it did not appear to go down well with a number of his rivals in the group.
As riders waved, shouted and gesticulated in Bernal's direction, he eventually retreated back behind the lead group with his tail between his legs in comical fashion. Eurosport commentators Rob Hatch and cycling legend Sean Kelly were left very surprised to see Ineos - and in particular Bernal - making the seemingly random move.
"There is action because we have seen a couple of riders from Deceuninck–Quick-Step and a couple of riders from the Ineos Grenadiers - but who is it? That is the question..." said Hatch. "How dangerous are they? On the left-hand side, it's not who we think it is, is it? Bernal?!
He is being told by the riders there that he should not be there, because they are saying he has no, no chance of getting away!
"That was a very interesting move, because he obviously found himself there. I didn't see him surrounded by any team-mates or anything like that. Bernal found himself there.
"It's all over the road, here. No wonder they were chasing hard with Bernal in front. I was also wondering if Mr [Remco] Evenepoel was there as well because I saw several Deceuninck–Quick-Step jerseys.
"It's chaos on the first few kilometres of this Giro d'Italia [stage] but the type of chaos that we really enjoy. It is splitting in the wind and that is perhaps why Bernal found himself up there."
Kelly added: "Well, that is the death of that breakaway! They were trying to get a very slight advantage but it is coming back here.
"When they start a conversation like that with Bernal, immediately the pace is knocked off a bit. That was not one that was going to stay.
"It's all coming back together now and Bernal is not going to be the one to go, he is going to be the death of that breakaway."
- - -
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