Nacer Bouhanni has been handed a two-month suspension by UCI for deviating from his line during an incident with Jake Stewart at the Cholet-Pays de la Loire in March.
The Team Arkea-Samsic rider will be out until June 7 with the suspension starting retroactively on April 8.
Bouhanni admitted to committing the violation at a hearing on Wednesday, with the Frenchman also agreeing to the “imposition of educational measures for the benefit of the cycling family”.
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UCI added: “The UCI is committed to continuing its work to make road cycling a safer sport for riders and reiterates that dangerous behaviour has no place in modern cycling.
"Therefore, the UCI reminds that any breach of the rules of safety or care shall be subject to disciplinary action.”
After the incident, Bouhanni hit out at racist abuse he received on social media.

Bouhanni furious after team-mate Guernalec cleans him out

Stewart and Bouhanni were contesting the final sprint when the latter swung into his rival’s path, with the Brit somehow staying upright despite being forced into the barriers.
Bouhanni was disqualified for the incident but Stewart was furious, taking to social media afterwards to shame him, saying “you clearly have no brain cells”.
The Frenchman hit back by telling his rival he should "give up sprinting" after the Brit suggested in a later interview that his life “flashed before his eyes” in the crash.
"It's too much," the Arkea-Samsic sprinter told L'Equipe newspaper in a long interview. "It's already been eight days that I've been receiving hundreds of messages, it's turning into harassment.
"I'm not the only one who sees what happens on social networks. I'm not the only one who sees what happens on social media," continued Bouhanni, who added he was plagued by insomnia.
"It's like a scar that's closed. It has reopened little by little over the days, and that's what hurts. I was born in France, I love my country, I was French champion at 21, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my career when I was on the podium with La Marseillaise.
"French of North African origin, that's how it is."
Stewart joined the backlash against the racist abuse, taking to social media to unite behind the 30-year-old.
“Despite our recent difference of opinion, let's be absolutely clear, I stand united with Nacer Bouhanni,” said Stewart.
“We will all agree and disagree on certain things, but one thing that should not be of question is racism.
“The comments and racism directed towards Nacer this last week is absolutely deplorable. There is no place for racism in this world. To the so called 'fans' of cycling that have made these comments, you are not welcome here.”
Bouhanni insisted he had never experienced racism in the peloton, but said it was something he had experienced away from competition.
"In the peloton, at least directly, I have never been a victim of racism, never. In the teams where I have been, I have never had any problems.
"I say live because afterwards, I am not there in people's minds. But out of competition, of course I have."
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