Basso, who split amicably with his CSC team after CONI suggested the hearings against him be dropped, is still without a team, but has been linked to Barloworld and Discovery.
Though the 2004 Tour de France runner-up is now officially allowed to race by his home cycling federation, the International Cycling Union have suggested that they could challenge the Italian federation's decision if they were not satisfied with its conclusions.
Discovery Channel boss Johan Bruyneel told Eurosport on Thursday that Basso's fate would ultimately rest with the UCI.
Pro Tour 2006
CSC launch doping programme
13/11/2006 AT 14:28
Basso was suspended from the 2006 Tour de France on the eve of the race for allegations stemming from the Operation Puerto doping investigation in Spain.
In May the Spanish Civil Guard raided the offices of doctor Eufemiano Fuentes and discovered large quantities of anabolic steroids, laboratory equipment used for blood transfusions and more than 100 bags of frozen blood.
The police also compiled a list of more than 50 professional cyclists implicated in the investigation, but the judge in the Operation Puerto trial has barred all sporting bodies from using the evidence in any disciplinary hearings.
"It's the right outcome," Basso's lawyer, Massimo Martelli, told The Associated Press on Friday. "More than being happy, we feel it was deserved."
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13/11/2006 AT 14:05
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T-Mobile slam Discos over Basso
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