On how he's coped with confinement
I've handled it the best way I can. Every day I've been training in the simulator since I won Paris-Nice, and I've been waiting for this whole situation to end and for it to stabilize so I can get back on the road.
On being among the group of cyclists who could train in the open air before May 25
Some of us have already been able to start with the protocol that has to be done to be able to return, but we still need the approval of two more ministries that are necessary to be able to leave. The procedure is in progress, but we are waiting and hopefully by the end of this week we will be able to train on the road.
On whether he prefers indoor or outdoor training
I confess that I have never had so much time to train in the simulator during days of heavy rain or warm-ups for a time trial. When I lived in Pamplona, due to the weather conditions, it is true that I worked more with the simulator, especially if it was too cold. However, no more than three days and almost an hour per day. Although it is beneficial to continue pedaling when you can't go out, we are anxious for that request to prosper and we can already go out to train.’’
Tour de France
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14/05/2020 AT 14:53
On one of his best starts to the season
We were on a very good track. The preparation has been the same as on other occasions with my coach who has been with me for a couple of years now. Changing airs and new motivations influence to compete in another way because I still have the same bike as other elements.’’
On adapting to a new team
'It was a mix of a little bit of everything. When you get to a new place, you always want to do your best. Plus, everyone's so dedicated to helping us so it's easier to meet goals as we planned from the start of the season.

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On the team’s objectives for the rest of the season
The Tour de France is the main objective. Even more so being in a French team. Before the Tour, we'll do two races, which we haven't decided yet which they can be. After the Tour de France, I will compete in the Ardennes. I hope the season will end in the best possible way and that I'll get back to some normality for the next one.
On the squad’s form ahead of the Tour de France
How fit we are is really a question mark. The result of the race itself will also be a particular one. In the end, there are colleagues who train for five hours while there are other coaches who say that you shouldn't go over three hours plus debate about whether it's better to train in the morning or in the afternoon... We don't all train for the same amount of time or in the same way and that always has an influence. We have less time to prepare and races like the Tour are very long trials and we don't know how the body will react in the last week of racing if we haven't had a major load block that we need to carry that load.
On returning to competition after the break
The data we are seeing from these simulators and digital tools in this confinement show that we are doing well, but as many colleagues say, it is not the same when you go out on the road to train. In Europe some people have already been able to start training outdoors, and that's the little bug we all have of knowing when it will be our turn to go out on the road.
On strength and mental preparation
It's not easy to handle this situation. There are people who have problems and who can fall into depression or negative moods. The team supports us in every way, and mentally it is very important. We have constant communication to keep us always up and active.
On his memories of the Giro in 2014
I keep a lot of joy and emotion from that race. Every time I have the chance to see stages of that edition I get goose bumps from being able to remember those beautiful moments. These are memories that you always want to keep in mind and use to motivate and keep competing.

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On building a team around a leader
We were able to do concentrations in Calpe and some training in the Alps in the first months of the year. Little by little, in those moments, the role of each one is being clarified according to the needs that exist. This is a very young team with a great future ahead of it and it is time to share advice and start leading all these cyclists. We have a very good manager and we know how to work and which teams to choose for which races. All the teammates have a great level and a great motivation.’’
On joining a new team
The years are passing and I needed a change of scenery without controversy or war, which is what I hate most. I have found a place where I feel comfortable and where I want to keep growing. I do what I like and I just want to enjoy cycling.
Past arguments that may have influenced performance
If you're not comfortable in one place, it's very difficult to follow. If you run out of feeling and joy, it means there's something to change. At Movistar they always treated me well and I had some very good moments, but it was time to leave many people in pain and take a new path.
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