The decision was taken at the International Association of Professional Teams general assembly in Liege.
"We are going to meet again on May 4 to decide what specific action we will take," Credit Agricole team manager Roger Legeay (pictured) said.
"It will be a concerted move to get the evidence from Puerto out in the open.
Giro d'Italia
Cummings and Roche ready to roar
11/05/2007 AT 19:02
"A country can't just sit on 200 bags of blood. The bags have to be opened, firstly to find out which cyclists they belonged to, and secondly to find out which other sports may be involved."
ASO, the organisers of the Tour de France and Liege-Bastogne, have already announced that no riders with possible links to Puerto will compete in Sunday's one-day classic.
Ivan Basso, the 2006 Tour of Italy winner, was suspended by his Discovery Channel team on Tuesday until further investigations by the Italian Olympic Committee into his possible links with Puerto are resolved at a hearing next week.
Puerto has been closed by the Spanish judge responsible, Antonio Serrano. However, appeals to reopen the case by world cycling body UCI may yet succeed.
Circuit de la Sarthe
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10/04/2007 AT 12:20
UCI threatens French teams
28/02/2007 AT 13:39