Sagan, 28, had to change bikes after Fernando Gaviria crashed directly in front of him and he produced a brilliant effort to catch up with race leader Marcel Kittel.

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At one stage he even bunny-hopped over a kerb to get a better approach on a roundabout and somehow he managed to get on Kittel’s wheel at the end and tried to take the stage victory.
Tirreno - Adriatico
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Despite his effort Sagan wasn’t keen to talk it up too much and instead focused on his fans.

Sagan astonishingly avoids hitting the deck in huge crash

"Sometimes I can do some things, sometimes I can't. Today, I had bad luck but also good luck at the same time. It would've been better first place, but I don't have to have everything," Sagan said after the race.
"If the fans appreciate that, then I'm very happy to do that for the fans, it's nice. I don't care about victories, it's more about the show,
"It's good, I'm happy with the performance but, well, it's second. I'm happy I didn't crash, I'm healthy and that's the more important thing."
Sagan may be a world champion but he is arguably better known for some of his antics during races and his generally carefree attitude.
He was asked about the crash in front of him and was able to recall it perfectly.
"I was on his [Gaviria's] wheel when he crashed. I started to brake a little bit and guys from behind hit me from and broke my rear wheel. Then it was impossible to continue," Sagan said.
"I got back to the group, but I had a broken wheel and it was impossible to go because the wheel just wouldn't turn, it was touching the frame. I stopped Bodnar and tried to change the rear wheel but at the same time the car came and I changed the bicycle.
"I tried to return to the group but it was almost impossible. Then I passed one car, then another group, and another; there were a lot of groups. I got back but I was totally done. I tried to pass the riders and to recover for the sprint but I finished second by a very small difference. I was encouraged when I got to the front but your legs feel four kilometres [of chasing] for sure."
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