"I have to win (the Tour de France) again so I can celebrate it the way I was supposed to," Landis told the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal on Sunday while visiting a race in the Pennsylvania county where he was raised.
On Friday Landis' attorney Howard Jacobs promised to request that the USADA dismiss all charges against the man whom Tour organiser have renounced as champion since he tested positive for testosterone in his astonishing stage 17 victory.
"In our review of the documents detailing the tests on both the 'A' and 'B' sample, we have found evidence that supports our request for USADA to drop the doping charges against Landis," Jacobs said in a statement posted on Landis's Web site on Friday.
Tour de France
Landis claims deal offer
11/05/2007 AT 09:17
"While I cannot comment on the full details of our findings, we now have the foundation for a very strong defence should the case proceed to arbitration."
In his continued defence Landis compared himself to American sprinter Marion Jones, who was cleared of a positive A test last week when the B test came back negative.
"As you see, they just demonstrated that they misrepresented their test," Landis told another Pennsylvania newspaper, the Phillidelphia Inquierer, on Sunday.
Landis accused the LNDD laboratory at Chatenay-Malabry of mishandling both of his tests.
"They've been doing the same thing with the testosterone test," Landis said. "It's not cut-and-dry like they say... . They need to proceed from here on out with my case and everyone else in the interest of science and fairness, instead of making a name for themselves."
The American's case will likely go before a USADA hearing either in December or January, and Landis still believes his innocence would ultimately be proven.
"I do feel confident," he said. "Things are going to be fine, for sure. First of all, I'm confident because I know I'm innocent. Secondly, if, like I've been told, they're going to give me a fair hearing, then things will be cleared up."
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More trouble for Landis
23/04/2007 AT 13:50
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25/01/2007 AT 18:52