Landis, who faces the loss of his Tour de France crown if the doping charges from his stage 17 victory are proven to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, revealed the major elements of his defence to the American newspaper.
Landis' principal argument is that there were a number of flaws in the procedures of the lab that sampled the rider's positive testosterone test.
The American clamed that the lab wrote sample numbers on test forms that did not correspond with Landis' number, then covered over the number with correction fluid and added his own.
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11/05/2007 AT 09:17
The change would be contrary to WADA protocol, which requires any correction be made "with a single line through and the change should be initialled and dated by the individual making the change."
None of the steps were followed in Landis' case, his presentation purports.
The former Phonak rider's appeal to the USADA Review Board was rejected on September 15, but Landis is attempting to make his next hearing as transparent as possible.
"He wants everything out in the open," said cycling coach Arnie Baker, who prepared the PowerPoint presentation.
"People have been making up their minds about this case since it was leaked (by the international cycling federation) in July," Baker told USA Today.
"The (USADA) hearing may not happen for a long time, so Floyd felt it was necessary to let the public see everything, to get all the information that they need right now."
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