The two-time polka dot jersey was sacked from his team and kicked off of this year's Tour de France while leading the race after lying about his whereabouts during missed random doping tests.
"I was sacked on the basis of an incomplete report, unilaterally and subjectively," the Danish rider told the ANP news agency.
"Six months after my sacking, I still have not obtained an acceptable and pertinent explanation to justify it."
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Rasmussen, who won the polka dot jersey for the Tour's best climber in 2005 and 2006, has acknowledged that he lied about his whereabouts prior to the 2007 Tour by saying he was in Mexico when he was actually in Italy.
An inquiry into the sacking by the Dutch Olympic Committee concluded that the team was right to sack Ramussen in July.
The French Anti-Doping Agency has also said that Rasmussen tested "non-negative" for EPO during this year's race, but that the analysis of his urine sample could not be declared positive for legal reasons.
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