Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) narrowly avoided disaster on Stage 5 of the Tour de France as he crashed and then nearly hit a team car.
The race leader first got into problems with 96km to go with some road furniture bringing him down.
"That’s proof just how nervous the day is, we’re not on the cobbles, we’re racing to them," said Carlton Kirby on Eurosport commentary.
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"It’s something we have said in the past...it’s not necessarily the cobbles that bring you down, it can be the actual run to it and it’s street furniture that has brought him down."
Van Aert would shrug that off and jump on a non-optimised bike, but then nearly hit a team car as he attempted to get back on.
The 27-year-old would show supreme bike-handling to stay on, but looked shaken ahead of the trickiest part of the stage on the cobbles.

‘My goodness!’ - Van Aert nearly collides with a team car

“My goodness. Did he actually get caught by the wing mirror?” said Kirby when Van Aert took evasive manoeuvres to avoid the car after lapse in concentration.
"Heart in mouth stuff.”
Dan Lloyd, on co-commentary, explained the mechanics of the crash.
“That was very similar to what we saw with Mads Pedersen yesterday," said Lloyd.
"He was behind his own car and all the team cars ahead had to brake and they will often not brake until the last possible moment. So the rider, it’s their responsibility to see what is further ahead in the convoy and that they are suddenly going to have to come out of the slipstream and into clean air to avoid a crash.
"It just didn’t look like Van Aert was really looking too far ahead. He had a slight glance down and he was looking to the side, realises the car has stopped maybe a bit earlier than he was thinking. That’s another very close call.”
Bradley Wiggins, surveying the scene in his roving role on the back of a motorbike, said that Van Aert appeared to have hurt his shoulder, adding that he did not look happy.
“I was right next to that [Van Aert crash] actually when it happened," began Wiggins.

‘He is certainly injured but…’ – Wiggins surveys the scene after Van Aert crash

"They had just come round this corner, and there was a bit of road furniture on the exit of the roundabout, and Steven Kruijswijk and Van Aert have gone down.
"Now, Van Aert got up immediately, but he was holding his collarbone. That's a typical injury for a rider to sustain when they crash. He was just moving his right arm as well as he got back on the bike so not ideal. He is certainly injured but nothing broken at this stage as I think he’d know about it if he broke his collarbone. He wasn’t happy I could tell that.
"Kruijswijk seemed okay as well. But it just shows you doesn’t it? The yellow jersey in the Tour de France going down. We are less than 10km from this first [cobbled] sector here, it’s not ideal. From the heights of yesterday for Van Aert to the lows of today, crashing.
"Everything looks okay, he is actually on a spare bike. They are quite far out the back now at this stage. We’re in the second string of the convoy so a bit of work to do.”
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