Stage 5 at the Tour de Suisse saw riders take the wrong turn on two separate occasions on Thursday afternoon.
With 31km to go in Switzerland, a group of 30 or 40 riders took a left at a roundabout before noticing that the majority of competitors were taking the standard right-hand path, and had to alter course desperately before they lost any more ground.
“Oh that didn’t go very well, a lot of those riders, well they’ve basically gone the left hand side around the roundabout , and realised the race is going off to the right hand side,” said Magnus Backstedt.
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Rob Hatch exclaimed: “Where’s Van der Poel when you need him? What a mess!. We’ve seen our fair share of traffic islands in the last 10 minutes.”

Riders take wrong exit at roundabout at Tour de Suisse

Then with a touch over 12km remaining, race leader Esteban Chaves Rubio was defending a 20 second advantage when he failed to notice he had driven up a driveway, before clocking a car and getting back onto the road.
“Oh, he’s ended up in a driveway! It’s not going to be 20 seconds now,” observed Hatch.
“It didn’t look right,” agreed Backstedt.

Tour de Suisse Stage 5 race leader Chaves Rubio rides into a driveway

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