Eurosport pundit Sean Kelly observed that Primoz Roglic was racing with the ‘mentality of champions’ with his win at the Vuelta a Espana’s opening stage.
Roglic was the winner at the 7.1km time trial stage and speaking to Eurosport’s The Breakaway, described his own effort as ‘crazy’.
Kelly explained that the adrenaline in all the riders, and not just the 31-year-old Slovenian, would have built up to an explosive effort.
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“When you’re winning, and the build-up to the time trial here, it’s always a nervous time,” he began.
“You try to block that out and get out on the road, and do what you need to do to win a time trial, and it’s a great feeling.
“Internally you get that great feeling from all the work you do, and all the disappointment that Roglic has had, and when you get back to the hotel with the team, it’s an amazing feeling with the rest of the team.
"The first time trial, you hit it so hard, but that’s the mentality of champions. When you go to a race, it’s impossible to keep those guys down and you just go full gas. You don’t overcook it."

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Meanwhile, Magnus Bäckstedt explained that the relatively recent introduction of mist machines helped cyclists to warm up extensively for brief periods of race action, by keeping the riders' body temperatures down.
"You have to keep the core temperature low and get your body prepared," he explained. "The shorter the time trial is, the more important it is to do the big warm-up and get the engine going ,while keeping the core cool.
"If you were to jump on a turbo trainer in the warm-ups in that kind of heat, without any kind of cooling system at all, they’d overheat in a couple of minutes and half of the riders would be in a puddle on the floor, and that would have a negative impact on the riders."

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