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Road race - Women
World Championships • Stage10

Road race - Women
World Championships - 28 September 2019

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That's it from us, folks - thanks for staying tuned. What a race that was, what a win from the Dutch Woman.


It's now a sprint from the peloton, led by Marianne Vos, who crosses at the front of the main group


American rider Chloe Dygert Owen rides across the line in fourth place exhasuted after an heroic effort in her attempt to reel in Van Vleuten earlier


And here riding for third place comes the Australian rider, Amanda Spratt - last year's silver medal will get the bronze


And here comes Anna van der Breggen for silver - a fantastic one two for the Dutch team


Annemiek van Vleuten takes gold! She is the World Road Race Champion


There'll be some very happy Dutch fans today, not to mention within the team


Annemiek van Vleuten is smiling in these final kilometers as she points to her lucky earrings for the cameras, knowing she's about to take the World Champion title


Here's that attack by Anna van der Breggen just now


Annemiek van Vleuten is still expanding the time gap between her and the riders behind with less than 4km to go. What a ride from this Dutch athlete.


Anna van der Breggen has kicked on the hill, leaving Amanda Spratt in her wake. It looks like we could see a Dutch one two today


Chloe Dygert Owen has now dropped behind Anna van der Breggen and Amanda Spratt, so the battle for second and third place is between the Dutch and Australian riders


British rider Lizzie Deignan has lost the chance of a medal in today's race, as she rejoins the main peloton, five minutes behind leading rider van Vleuten, and two minutes behind the three chasing riders


Chloe Dygert Owen has been caught by Anna van der Breggen and Amanda Spratt, so the battle is on for second and third place between the three

Lizzie Deignan has been caught by the main peloton after her long solo effort


And here she is


Annemiek Van Vleuten's solo breakaway is an incredible athletic feat and perhaps the longest in modern history - beginning with around 106km to go. The 36-year-old Dutch rider won the Giro Rosa this and last year, this year also winning the points and mountain classifications, as well as two stages, and this year was the national Time Trial champion in the Netherlands.

She won the Strade Bianche, and Liege-Baston-Liege this year, too.

She is now on her final lap of this race, and is set to become the world champion.


Annemiek Van Vleuten is now 2'12" over Chloe Dygert Owen with just over a lap to go


Amanda Spratt and Anna Van Der Breggen have broken away from Elisa Longo Borghini, in the battle for third place in this World Championship race


Deignan is working her socks off on the roads around Harrogate right now


Here are some scenes from the packed streets of Harrogate today


There are now 4'38" between Van Vleuten and the main peloton, with two chasing groups, and two solo riders between them


Chloe Dygert Owen is on the chase, and she looks like she means business. She has reduced the gap to the leading Dutchwoman, but there's still 1'49" between them, and just two laps to go. With Van Vleuten the more experienced rider, and this late in the race, it's looking like we'll have a Dutch win today.


The question on everyone's lips. This would be an historical win for Van Vleuten if so. Remember - she launched her attack with more than 100km to go.

There are now two laps to go.


Chloe Dygert Owen is currently 2:03 behind Annemiek van Vleuten, and ahead of the chasing riders by around 20 seconds

Deignan is currently 30 seconds behind those three


Chloe Dygert Owen is now around 13 seconds ahead of the next three riders, Van Der Breggen (ND), Elisa Longo Borghini (ITA) and Amanda Spratt (AUS)

Deignan is 25 seconds behind them, on her own for now.


Dygert Owen is off again. Anna Van Der Breggen cannot respond. It looks like Dygert Owen might be away this time


Spratt is now attacking. The chasing group is now down to four, Van Der Breggen (ND), Dygert Owen (US), Elisa Longo Borghini (ITA) and Amanda Spratt (AUS)


Here is that attack from Dygert Owen


Deignan is dropping back from the chasing group, and it looks like that group is getting away from her. Dygert Owen keeps renewing her attacks.


There are multiple attacks within that chasing group now - led by the American Chloe Dygart Owen. Lizzie Deignan is currently chasing the latest attack. Dygart Owen is renewing her attack, and it looks like the group is getting away from the British rider


Riders are now into the Harrogate circuit en masse. There's a few soigneurs (riders' team members) at the side of the road holding those final bottles for riders to grab as they come through. The air is ringing with cowbells


Annemiek Van Vleuten has entered the Harrogate circuit.

The circuit is 14km long, which riders will complete three times before crossing that finish line. The course starts off fairly straightforward, before entering some sharp turns, with descents reaching 18%; there's a narrow bridge, with an 8% climb directly after it. As Lizzie Deignan's husband Philip points out, this is a technical course, requiring riders to choose their position carefully, and watch out for attacks from other riders.

If they can catch the Dutchwoman in her astonishing solo breakaway, that is.


We're about to enter the course at Harrogate. Van Vleuten now has a two minute gap on the chasing group.


Chloe Dygert Owen (US) is also in that chasing group. Dygert Owen won the Individual Time Trial on Thursday and is among today's potential winners


There's a lot of short, sharp climbs here. Here's a view from the peloton, back when the chasing group got away.


The race is a great advert for Yorkshire - when the sun is shining, like today. And the crowds are no doubt enjoying it, as well as the racing


Deignan attacks! She's off the front of the chasing group, briefly. The other riders reel her in, though. She's measuring the other riders, trying to pick up the pace and potentially reduce the size of this group, and her competitors, at this stage

Notably, Anna van der Breggan hasn't done a turn on the front for a while. Is she saving her legs for something?


Deignan is taking turns on the front of the chasing group. She's encouraging other riders to take turns on the front


Van Vleuten is now 1:29 ahead of the chasing group. Here she is in action, back when her lead over that group was just a minute. There's now less than 60km to go.


Defending World Road Race champion, Anna van der Breggen, is in a good position, sitting comfortably in that chasing group of eight riders. Van der Breggen won the Tour of California in May this year, and La Fleche Wallonne, the Belgian classic, in April.


Annemiek Van Vleuten, our solo rider out at the front of the race, has extended her lead on the chasing group to 1.05, on those lumpier roads


The solo rider from Lithuania, Rasa Leleivyte, has a mechanical at the side of the road


We're heading into a lumpier segment of the course now, which will suit Deignan, and potentially, attacks. Van Vleuten is still approximately 50 seconds out from the chasing group. The peloton is clawing a little road back from that group, with the gap decreasing to 2 minutes 35 seconds


Riders are picking up their musettes, i.e. their lunch bags, from the feed stations. They'll pick out what they want as they ride, and discard the rest at the side of the road, where officials will pick them up (or fans) afterwards


Here's Deignan in action. Riders are currently passing through Ripon, and the feed zone


We're assuming those jerseys aren't knitted


And here's some local sheep, in their Saturday best


Here's the moment van Vleuten got away. The Dutch rider still has around 50 seconds on the chase group, which has stretched its lead to the peloton to almost three minutes (2.50)


Deignan is, of course, hoping for a win today. If she did succeed it would be her second World Championship title, her last being the 2015 win in Richmond, USA. Deignan became a mother for the first time a year ago, with the birth of her daughter, Orla, announced on 24 September 2018.

Deignan won the Women's Tour this year, scooping up the overall winner's jersey, as well as the points classification and the British rider classification. In 2017 she won first place in the National Road Championships, in the Road race, as well as first in the Tour de Yorkshire.

Deignan is currently refuelling, and grabbing a bottle of water from the team car.


Van Vleuten won the general classification in the Boels Ladies Tour earlier this month, where she was the defending champion. Last year van Vleuten won the Worlds Individual Time Trial, and came 7th in the Worlds elite women's road race


Really impressive riding here from Annemiek van Vleuten, who is staying away from the chasing group. There's still two hours of racing left, mind you


Notably, Dutchwoman Marianne Vos is in the main peloton, which is losing time on the chasing group - which is now 2.5km ahead, with Annemiek van Vleuten a further 0.8km up the road


And, as the UCI points out, Clara Koppenburg (Germany) is in that chasing group, too


There's now 50 seconds between Annamiek Van Vleuten and that chasing group


Deignan is on the front of that chasing group, with Cecile Uttrup Ludwig (Denmark), Soraya Paladin (Italy), Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (South Africa), Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy), Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) and Amanda Spratt (Australia)



Van Vleuten has a 46 second lead on the chasing group, and Deignan has launched a chase to bridge the gap, chased by various other riders, including Dutchwoman Anna Van der Breggen and Elisa Longo Borghini


Van Vleuten has gone off the front on this climb. It's early for a solo attack but the Dutchwoman is certainly showing her strength here

There's a second group off the front, behind Van Vleuten, which includes Lizzie Deignan and American Chloe Dygert


Annamiek van Vleuten is also on the front of the group on this climb. Arguably the best climber in women's cycling, Van Vleuten was the winner of this year's Giro Rosa.


We're starting the climb at Lofthouse now. Lizzie Deignan is among the riders at the front


The sun is out in Yorkshire today. Some of this year's UCI world road race championships have been a total washout, with huge volumes of standing water taking out riders in some events, but thankfully for today's racers it looks like rain will hold off until this evening, long after the winners are decided.

Tomorrow is very likely to be very wet for the men's final into Harrogate, though.


Leah Thomas (USA) is among those on the front of the peloton. The US team is very strong, its seven team members including Chloe Dygert and Coryn Rivera, one of today's favourites.

Their young team mate, Megan Jastrab, won the under-23 women's road race yesterday.


British riders will no doubt be keen to stay on the front ahead of Lofthouse Summit. If an attack happens there, they'll likely want riders in a breakaway


It's around 8km to the next and major climb in today's race, Lofthouse Summit, that may see the race ignite.

In the meantime here's some info about the Harrogate course, a technical course riders will lap three times.


The leader of the Aussie team is Amanda Spratt. Australia has never yet won in the women's elite road race. 29-year-old Aussie Rohan Dennis won the men's time trial on Wednesday, however, on the 54km course between Northallerton and Harrogate.


Australian riders are at the front of the race at the moment. Australia has seven riders in today's race: Jessica Allen, Brodie Chapman, Tiffany Cromwell, Chloe Hosking, Lucy Kennedy, Lauren Kitchen and Amanda Spratt.

Hosking won the points classification in this year's Tour Down Under. She was also the road race champion in last year's Commonwealth Games.


Now for something a little different. The Aussie team having a bit of a sing before today's race


Lizzie Banks just had a bike change. It was a fairly calm affair at this point in the race, and no doubt she'll be back in the peloton soon


The terrain for now is flat, and the race is fairly calm for the time being.

Coming up, at 101km to go is the Lofthouse climb, which is double the height of Norwood Edge, at around 400m. That could see a similar attack from the Dutch riders, or indeed other nations' teams.


The British team are regrouping now at the front of the race.

A New Zealand rider, Ella Harris, has stopped, and is in need of a wheel change at the back of the race


Small tumble off the back of the peloton - nothing major, though. Looks like it was a touch of wheels

Lizzie Banks was in there - the second stop for the British rider already


The peloton is back together after that effort by the Dutch team, but expect more of the same in this race. A fair amount of effort would have been expended by other riders to bridge that gap


Dutch riders have launched an attack off the front on that punchy climb, and have managed to string out the riders. The Dutch, who have the biggest team today, of eight riders, are definitely a team to watch today. Their strength, and strength in numbers mean they can use their riders to wear down other teams.


Riders are heading into the early slopes of the race, of Norwood Edge. It's a steep climb, reaching almost 16% at it's sharpest. Today's course heads North to the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, an area called Nidderdale AONB, before looping South towards Harrogate


Banks is safely back into the rear of the peloton already


Elizabeth Banks has a mechanical, and has stopped at the side of the road. Her chain has come off, a problem we saw a lot in yesterday's under-23 women's road race.


The riders are about to reach the first climb of the day, at Norwood Edge


This is the question


The peloton is now passing through Lizzie Deignan's home town of Otley. Lizzie has moved to the front of the pack for the moment. What an honour to represent your country at this event, in the very town where you were born.


Racing for Britain today, with team leader Lizzie Deignan, are sisters Alice and Hannah Barnes, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Henderson and Nicola Juniper.

Henderson won two firsts in this year's under-23 British National Road Race Championships, in the road race and time trial events

Alice Barnes also won first place in two events at this year's National Road Race Championships: the road race and time trial


We have 49 nations represented in today's elite women's road race. While nations such as Great Britain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, have six or seven riders represented apiece, there are also single riders from countries including Eritrea, Macao, Zimbabwe and Paraguay


Racing is now underway. There is a bit of a headwind for riders as they set off in earnest


We're still in the neutral zone, as riders make their way through the sunlit streets of Bradford, and get ready to start the race proper


Here's Britain's Lizzie Deignan and Anna Henderson greeting fans earlier before the start in Bradford


And here's the Dutch team, just before setting off


Other favourites include the American rider Coryn Rivera, and Italy's Marta Bastianelli


Favourites for today's race include defending champion, Dutchwoman Anna Van der Breggen.

The Dutch have a strong team which includes three times World Road Race Champion, Marianne Vos, and Annamiek Van Vleuten, who won the women's Individual Time Trial on Thursday - both of whom are contenders for a win today

Britain's Lizzie Deignan, racing on home soil today, was World Road Race champion in 2015, winning in Richmond, Virginia. Deignan is, of course, hoping for a win today.


And they're off!


Today's race is a 149.9km course from Bradford to Harrogate. The riders will set off from Bradford, riding roughly 100km to Harrogate before taking on three laps through the streets of Harrogate


Hello and welcome to Eurosport's live coverage of the UCI Road World Championships women's elite road race. Racing kicks off from Bradford in about ten minutes. Stay tuned for now...