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Road race - Men
World Championships • Stage11

Road race - Men
World Championships - 29 September 2019

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Today's top 10.


New world champion Mads Pedersen: "Unbelievable. I didn't expect this when I started this morning. The plan was to get me out early so that Valgren and Fuglsang could come through in the final. But they didn't follow Van der Poel so I had my chance. It's every rider's dream to wear the rainbow jersey."


Michael Valgren took sixth before Alexander Kristoff won the sprint for seventh.


Italy's Gianni Moscon takes fourth at 17 seconds before a resigned Peter Sagan of Slovakia comes home for fifth place.


The 23-year-old had too much for Italy's Matteo Trentin, so it's Pedersen who wins it for Denmark. Switzerland's Stefan Kung is third at two seconds.


Victory for Mads Pedersen of Denmark!


They open it up with 200m to go...


Pedersen leads the trio onto the climb in Parliament Street, with Trentin and Kung behind.


Under the flamme rouge they go. It's between these three but who will win what medal?


Pedersen, Trentin and Kung in that order... until the Italian comes through. They're starting the cat and mouse - and Trentin knows that Moscon is 19 seconds behind...


Trentin takes a last swig from his bidon and then tosses it aside. It's his to lose. He's finished fourth before in the Worlds and so he should improve on that.


Sagan is being followed by Valgren behind.


Trentin is refusing to work, making Pedersen and Kung do it all. It's clever, but risky.


Sagan has attacked from behind! But it's clearly too little, too late.


Five to go... the pack still over a minute back.


Kung is in a world of pain as he rides clear with Trentin. Pedersen can't hold the wheel but is still there. If these three play their cards right, they all win a medal.


They're onto Oak Beck for the last time, which peaks at 10.9%. Trentin takes it up before Kung really dances on the pedals. And Moscon has popped!


It's been a brutal race and this relentless rain - the non-stop rolling terrain, and the sheer length, could cause an upset at the finish. It won't be a regular sprint, so even if Trentin appears to be the best bet, it's no done deal. Both Kung and Pedersen are capable of a long-pop, while Moscon, the bete-noir, would relish causing an upset.


Nils Politt is now burying himself on the front in a bid to pull this back for his teammate Degenkolb. But they have left this too late, surely. The gap is still 1'15".


You have to fancy Trentin. He's the fastest finisher and has Moscon to help pace him to the line.


So, four riders and three medals... Van der Poel is caught by the pack, but the gap is up to 1'05".


Van der Poel must have emptied the tank - his plug has been pulled and that's his race over.


Van der Poel dropped! The Dutchman has hit the wall!!


The pack goes over the line - led by Lampaert and Colbrelli - with a deficit of 48 seconds. That three-man chase group has been reabsorbed.


Up they go on Parliament Hill for the peniltimate time. It's Van der Poel and Trentin on the front. They have 49 seconds and the question is will anyone from this five-man move attack on this final lap or will they wait for the sprint? One lap to go!


Van der Poel has unzipped his gilet in preparation of the final lap.


Matthews and Sagan are near the front of the main pack, while Ben Swift is near the back but still here.


So, it's still this quintet: Moscon, Trentin, Van der Poel, Pedersen and Kung. Italy have two cards to play, but the ace of the pack is Dutch.


Tim Wellens drifting off the back now, as is Benoit Cosnefroy.


Yves Lampaert is leading the chase for the Belgians - and that's a wrap for Estaban Chaves, who drops off the back with a problem with his rear derailleur.


France and Belgium really need to start combining in the peloton because they now trail the leaders by 48 seconds. The three-man chase group are making no in-roads but it's looking good for Trentin and Van der Poel, who look to have committed fully to this move.


More gels for Kung. This quintet has 12 seconds on the chasing trio with the peloton a further 11 seconds back. Two more laps.


Some counters coming in from Gorka Izagirre, Carlos Betancur and Toms Skujins. We don't have time gaps for now, unfortunately.


Van der Poel, Trentin and Martinez are about to join the leaders. Yes, they catch Moscon, Pedersen and Kung. Behind, there's a bit of worry - they can't let someone like VdP go clear. Martinez must have had a mechanical because he's disappeared...


Van der Poel now stretches his legs! The Dutchman decides now it the time. He goes clear with Trentin and Dani Martinez of Colombia.


There on the uphill ramp of Oak Beck. The Teuns-Politt chase group has been joined by two others. Teunissen is dropped by the leaders.


Attack by Nils Politt of Germany! The rangy rider came second in Paris-Roubaix in the spring and loves conditions like these. His move is countered by Dylan Teuns of Belgium. It's wreaked havoc in the peloton behind.


France have now come to the front in a bid to put a lid on this break, whose lead is up to 25 seconds. Julian Alaphilippe is second in the pack now and has Peter Sagan right on his wheel, the former triple world champion ever alert to the dangers.


Meanwhile, Belgium's remaining five riders have come to the front of the pack to start applying some pressure.


Moscon joins the leaders so we have a break of four now - but there is no cohesion, with Pedersen and Teunissen both arguing. Kung, meanwhile, borrows a gel from the Dutchman, so that calms things down a little.


Teunissen, the unlikely first wearer of the yellow jersey in July's Tour de France, have joined the leaders. So we have Teunissen, Pedersen and Kung who cross the finish line with a five-second gap over chaser Gianni Moscon. It's Oliver Naesen of Belgian who then leads the pack over at 20 seconds. Three laps to go!


Mike Teunissen has caught Craddock. Gianni Moscon and Yves Lampaert are on the front and trying to force a gap on the pack.


Geraint Thomas has withdrawn.


Mads Pedersen of Denmark has joined the leaders. And Craddock is dropped.


CRASH: A rider near the front goes down on a wet manhole cover. He skids across the road but then gets back on his wheels. It was Michael Albasini, the Swiss veteran Ardennes specialist.


Petr Vakov puts in a dig to open a small gap. He was already involved in the break - as was Magnus Cort, who is also near the front. But it comes to nothing as the slimming pack regroups. The two leaders are 20 seconds clear.


There's a small split on the front of the pack in some crosswinds with Van Baarle riding clear with a few others, perhaps inadvertently. It looks to be Latvia's Krists Neilands and a few others.


More withdrawals at the finish, including Astana duo Luis Leon Sanchez (Spain) and Lutsenko (Kazakhstan). On the front it's Dylan van Baarle who sets the tempo for the Dutch.


The two leaders go through the finish with a gap of 21 seconds over the pack, which is down to around 70 riders now. Four more laps!


Alexey Lutsenko has also called it a day.


Geraint Thomas and Rafal Majka out the back...


Craddock and Kung now have 30 seconds on the pack.


The state of play in the peloton - give or take a few transponder issues...


ATTACK: Lawson Craddock of the USA makes a move. He's joined by Stefan Kung of Switzerland.


You'd think that the winner today will be one of the following: Van Avermaet, Wellens, Alaphilippe, Colbrelli, Trentin, Van der Poel, Ackermann, Degenkolb, Matthews, Valgren, Kristoff, Impey, Costa and Sagan. To name but a few...


It will be interesting to see if Belgium try to use Teuns, Lampaert or Wellens in a long-range attack or if they keep it back to the end for Van Avermaet or Naesen.


They're on the kick up Parliament Street ahead of the finish and the pack has now been whittled down to around 60 riders. It's going to be like this until the end with the size getting smaller with each lap. Five more to go!


Geraint Thomas and Adam Yates are still in the main field for Britain but Ben Swift has been dropped. The French setting the tempo through Cavagna, with Italy and the Netherlands also contributing.


Bob Jungels of Luxembourg has also withdrawn. He's had a pretty rotten season after his strong 2018.


Denmark's Kasper Asgreen has also called it a day after being spat out the back.


With Italy, France and the Netherlands setting the tempo, we're hearing that Sam Bennett has been dropped. The Irish sprinter likes riding in the wet but he's out the back now on Oak Beck climb.


And indeed, yes, we have live images again! So perhaps the riders will start racing...



It looks like Matej Mohoric of Slovenia has withdrawn, too. He looks pretty miserable. This course didn't include enough zippy descents for him.


We're hearing that Tim 'The Tractor' Declercq has also climbed off his bike. So, the Belgians are down to five: Teuns, Wellens, Van Avermaet, Naesen and Lampaert.


Alejandro Valverde, the reigning champion, has withdrawn. We will have a new man in rainbow stripes...


Once again, apologies for the sporadic comments: the TV relay planes are still grounded and so the live images are only coming from two fixed points on the circuit. They're approaching the end of the third circuit now. Six more to go and this peloton is still around 100 riders. It's Giovanni Visconti who leads them through for Italy. None of the big names have withdrawn with the exception of Gilbert. At this rate, it's going to be a sprint finish, so it's looking good for Sagan or Van der Poel. Or the likes of Matthews, Kristoff and perhaps even Bennett.


It's the climb of Oak Beck again and it's still a very large peloton showing no signs of whittling down in this heavy rain. One of the Italians needs a new bike but it's not either of their danger men, Colbrelli or Trentin.


Gilbert, the 2012 world champion and a double stage winner earlier this month at the Vuelta, has abandoned. He's in tears after that set-back - his chances ended after someone else brought him down near the home straight. That could be his last chance of donning the rainbow stripes again.


Gilbert did not manage to get back with the pack - he's currently riding with Nairo Quintana quite far back. He will probably call it a day now following that earlier crash.


It's all stretched out now as France, Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands send riders onto the front of the pack. It's still quite a large pack, with the Belgians led by road captain Yves Lampaert well placed. They come through the finish after lap three of nine, with Remi Cavagna doing the honours for France. Peter Sagan and Sam Bennett notably there, and Mathieu van der Poel. As well as Colbrelli, Kristoff, Valverde et al.


Belgium have now come to the front of the pack to up the tempo for Greg van Avermaet. It looks like Gilbert is back in the pack but Evenepoel, who worked so hard to get him there, is calling it a day.


Confirmation from the UCI that the break has been caught and that Evenepoel is still leading his teammate Gilbert back into the fold.


Ireland's Dan Martin, who had an early attack today before the break formed, is the latest to hop off his bike in the finish zone. Falling like sodden flies out there.


France and Denmark have taken up the pacing - although this could be a replay of images of the last time the peloton crossed the line. Yes, that is indeed the case. And we can see that Gilbert chase group come over about 20 seconds down.


Roglic and Bodnar are the riders to call it a day from the break, which will be caught soon if it is not already. Roglic looks pleased to be off the bike, in all fairness. The Gilbert group is about 40 seconds behind following his crash.


The break could well have been reeled in. It's hard to tell because we're not getting any live images - just the odd snippet here and there. But we're hearing that Primoz Roglic has abandoned, and given he was in the move, we expect that's a result of it coming back together.


Here was that crash which took down Gilbert, one of our pre-race favourites.

Video - 'My goodness!' - Gilbert caught up in big crash


Meanwhile, the pack is onto the Oak Beck climb on the first of nine circuits around Harrogate. Denmark look to have come to the front. There are no live motorcycle pictures at the moment - just the odd static shot as the riders pass.


Rohan Dennis has abandoned. That was pretty predictable - he'd put in a good shift on the front of the peloton and now stops so he can get dry back at the Australian team bus. Successful week though for him, what with that indomitable ITT performance a few days ago.


If Gilbert is ruled out, then it's fair to say that the stellar Belgium squad has other options...


Remco Evenepoel stopped to wait for Belgian teammate. Gilbert was shaking his head before getting back on his bike. He took a hard impact there. One more Belgian comes back to help pace the 2012 winner back to the bunch, but it doesn't look good.


SCENES! A Spanish rider - perhaps even Valverde - has his rain cape in his spokes and needs to stop on the side of the road. And then, in a separate incident, there's a crash on the ride towards the finish line. It's Philippe Gilbert who's at the bottom of the pile! The Belgian comes down hard there...


The crowd at the finish is pretty impressive given the conditions. It's Primoz Roglic, the winner of this year's Vuelta, leads the break across the line for the first time. In around three hours time, someone else will cross the line and be rewarded with a rainbow jersey.


Lutsenko is once again back with his team car. He's removing his overshoes and getting ready for the circuit race coming up. The gap for the 11-man break is down to 1'40" as they hit the climb on Parliament Street for the first time.


Some good stats here from Procyclingstats: Ineos is the most represented trade team in this race with 15 riders involed - two more than both Deceuninck-QuickStep and Bora-Hansgrohe. Astana and UAE have 12 each. Lotto Soudal are the worst represented from the WorldTour with just two riders involved - Tim Wellens and Carl Fredrik Hagen.


We're having another heavy shower now - it's really pelting down. Alexey Lutsenko is again off the back after stopping to swap bikes. The Kazakh is back on his original bike, which must have been sorted out by his mechanic. The gap is down to 2'25" for the 11 leaders - and Harrogate is in sight.


Julian Alaphilippe is eating a soggy sandwich off the back of the peloton. Earlier, he was drafting his French team car, which is brave given the controversial disqualification of Nils Eekhoff a couple of days ago. The Dutchman won a seven-way sprint in the U23 race but was later DQ'ed because a video emerged of him drafting for over two minutes following a crash 120-odd kilometres from the finish.


Looking at this break, it contains Astana teammates Magnus Cort (Denmark) and Hugo Houle (Canada), as well as Movistar teammates Nairo Quintana (Colombia) and Richard Carapaz (Ecuador). Although Quintana will be at Arkea-Samsic next year and Carapaz at Ineos. We also have two Slovakians in Jan Polanc and Primoz Roglic.


We're hearing that there is going to be a blackout in live images for an hour between 12:50 and 13:50 while the TV relay plane refuels. The only images will be from fixed points on the circuit in Harrogate. Interesting. I wonder if this is related to the weather or just very poor planning from the UCI's part.


It's Dennis back on the front, sharing the load with Dutchman Jos van Emden. Julian Bernard, the Frenchman, has also been very active. They're riding through Ripon with the break leading by 3'45".


We're around 20 minutes away from entering Harrogate and starting those nine loops of the circuit. It's France who are currently setting the tempo on the front for their man Julian Alaphilippe. What an end to the season that would be for the Frenchman after his yellow jersey starring role in the Tour de France earlier in the year.


On top of the current rainbow jersey Alejandro Valverde, we have three former World Champions in the peloton today: Philippe Gilbert (2012), Rui Costa (2013) and Peter Sagan (2015, 2016, 2017).


Esteban Chaves is currently off the back of the peloton. The Colombian is clearly not enjoying himself out there in the rain but he's bound to have a smile on his face later. Chaves is in his trade team jacket as he drops back to the Colombian team car. The break's advantage is down to 3'55".


We're hearing that Ivan Garcia Cortina has abandoned for Spain. He apparently has stomach issues which, on top of the rain, must be fairly bleak. That's a blow for the current world champion Alejandro Valverde because he's a huge talent and was an outsider in his own right.


It's Rohan Dennis, the Australian time trial world champion, who is pacing on the front of the peloton, working hard for his teammate Michael Matthews, who is one of the favourites today.


Some withdrawals to report: Patrick Bevin (NZl), Vasil Kiryienka (Bel), Lukasz Owsian (Pol), Alexander Evtushenko (Rus), Natnael Berhane, Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) and Drikus Coetzee (Nam) have all called it a day.


That's it with the recap. Now let's get to the live action. And Andrey Lutsenko is currently riding off the back with some Kazakh teammates after he needed to swap bikes following a mechanical. He's a good tip for the win today - and loves riding in these conditions. The break, meanwhile, is up to 4'30" ahead.


Back with the peloton, it was France, Australia and the Netherlands doing the lion's share of the pacing after the climb.


This was the crazy scene as the break crested the top of the Cray climb - look at that standing water!


With 200km remaining the gap was pushing three minutes for the 11 leaders as they tackled these narrow, rolling roads in Yorkshire. With all the riders in rain capes, it has been hard to identify who's who.


Philippe Gilbert, the 2012 winner, had numerous early mechanical problems. Then, with around 235km remaining, the break formed.


197 riders rolled out of the start today - and it was Ireland's Dan Martin who put in the first significant attack shortly after the gun. That man Roglic, the Vuelta winner, joined Martin off the front but it came back together.


A photo from earlier in the stage...


Right, let's go to this race live now with 170km remaining. And there's a stellar break of 11 riders out ahead - and it includes three Grand Tour winners! The riders are: Nairo Quintana (Colombia), Richard Carapaz (Ecuador), Primoz Roglic (Slovenia), Jan Polanc (Slovenia), Magnus Cort (Denmark), Petr Vakoc (Czech Republic), Silvan Dillier (Switzerland), Maciej Bodnar (Poland), Jonas Koch (Germany), Hugo Houle (Canada) and Alex Howes (USA).


And the new route as seen on the map...


This is why Buttertubs was taken off the menu...


But heavy rain in God's Own County means the second and third climbs of the day had to be pulled from the race, with an additional two laps of the Harrogate city centre circuit thrown in. Either way, it means this race is now 261km long and not the planned 285km.


So, here's the route that the riders were expected to do today...

World championships 2019 men's road race profile

Hello and welcome to the washout that is the World Championships men's road race in Yorkshire!