Paris is the last stop of the year on the Longines Masters circuit

Paris is the last stop of the year on the Longines Masters circuit

05/12/2019 at 12:53

Eleventh edition of the Longines Masters of Paris within the framework of the great Paris Horse Show. The world's best riders gather in the French capital for one of the most important indoor events of the year.

This weekend marks the end of the 2019 season of the Longines Masters Series indoor circuit with the celebration of the Longines Masters in Paris. This will be the eleventh edition of the competition that marked the beginning of the Longines Masters Series, which, in addition to the French capital, makes a stop in Hong Kong and another in Lausanne. Although they do not count on the magnitude of the Longines World Cup circuit, these appointments usually have a great media reach. Proof of this is that in the stands is always an authentic parade of international stars of spectacle and sports.

From a strictly sporting point of view, the Paris event is already an obligatory stop for the best riders in the world during the indoor season. With three events as representative as the Riders Masters Cup, the Longines Speed Challenge and the Longines Grand Prix, there will be no night of competition overshadowed by the others. The first one pits a European team against an American team over two legs. The Paris race will be its fifth edition and, to date, the victory has always been on the European side. Secondly, the Longines Speed Challengese can be considered the speed test of the year. With the added difficulty that the bars are at a height of 1.50m, when the usual in this type of test is 1.45m, and a very succulent economic endowment, the show is served. This combination of factors gives rise to a level of competition that never leaves the spectator indifferent. Finally, the Longines Grand Prix, the premier event. It will undoubtedly be the most demanding of the three, but also the one that offers the best sample of elite sport to fans of this sport.

As it could not be otherwise, for such an event has gathered a group of riders and amazons of the most select from around the globe. There will be, for example, the man who has known today that he will be number until the beginning of next year, the Swiss Steve Guerdat, and his compatriot and recent European champion Martin Fuchs. The complete list of participants would be worth mentioning so Pieter Devos, Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, Daniel Deusser, Darragh Kenny Henrik von Eckermann or Laura Kraut are just a sample equine of the catalogue of stars. Yes, it is necessary to make a special mention to two riders. On the one hand, there will be the Canadian Eric Lamaze, who does not stop competing and being competitive at the highest level despite the disease he suffers. On the other hand, Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa recently announced that he was leaving his position as coach and head of the Irish national team to run again himself. This is great news for the fans who, this weekend, will be able to see him at the Longines Masters in Paris.