Right now no decision will be taken regarding the European Championships 2021, that is what the International Equestrian Federation FEI agreed upon on September 10th. Between the lines good news is hidden: There is a chance that the European Championships 2021 will be taking place, although the event originally planned in Budapest from 23 August to 5 September 2021 was cancelled months ago. Right now the FEI is negotiating possibilites with possible organizers. 

The postponement of the Olympic Games was the reason for a little turmoil in the FEI event calender. The European Championships were planned to take place from from 23 August to 5 September 2021, the start being very close to the end of the Olympic Games. The FEI felt that due to this short period of time between the two events, many countries would be facing incomapitibility sending teams to the Olympics and the Europeans.

Beezie Madden and Breitling claim victory in the CSI3 * Wellington Grand Prix
22/01/2021 AT 09:45

It did not take long and national federations, riders and chef d’equipes were expressing displeasure with this decision. They requested to discuss the idea of European Championships in a different location at a different date. The uproar was loud enough to make the FEI listen. In consequence the European Equestrian Federation EEF was asked to develop a proposal. however now it looks like the EEF was busy, as possibilities are discussed. After their meeting of September 10th the FEI announced that a final decision ont this topic is expected for the end of October. 

McLain Ward and Catoki triumph in the opening Grand Prix in Wellington
13/01/2021 AT 10:33
FEI makes it clear: Adjustments to the rules for the World Cup dressage final are due to Corona
13/01/2021 AT 10:10