When Lars Windhorst was introduced as the new investor of LGCT and GCL at the beginning of this year, discussions with Jan Tops and Frank McCourt about details had already been led for more than a year. Lawyers had worked out a tailormade contract. The new investor was presented when the last signature of Lars Windhorst was still missing.
Facing the Corona pandemie Lars Windhorst changed his mind in regards of equestrian sports and wanted to back out of the contract. He wanted to take advantage of the missing signature, argued with the Corona pandemie affecting horse sport. While lawyers were struggling about the LGCT contract, Lars Windhorst proved devotion to another sport and promised  German football club Hertha BSC Berlin support, offering another 150 million Euros.
Tokyo 2020
'He's clear, superb!' - McEwen rides to silver medal in individual eventing
Finally there is good news for LGCT and GCl founder Jan Tops. Last week McCourt Global and Tennor Group announced that the parties have agreed and reached an amicable outcome regarding the purchase of McCourt’s stake in Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League by Lars Windhorst. Jan Tops commented:”I am happy to confirm agreement has been reached for our new partnership. Our business is in good shape and strong as it has always been, pandemic notwithstanding, and all team owners and other key stakeholders are fully committed. We will continue to build on our innovation roadmap and the global success of our circuit. We will go forwards not backwards.”
Tokyo 2020
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Tokyo 2020
GB's McEwen pipped to gold in thrilling individual eventing final