The FIA’s all-new Rally3 category, which is being adopted by the FIA ERC Junior Championship for 2021 as standard, will provide a more logical step for drivers graduating from Rally4 to Rally2 and shouldn’t be missed.
Rally3 offers four-wheel-drive action at a more accessible price and sits between Rally4 and Rally2 on the FIA’s Rally Sporting Pyramid.

Richard Millener, Team Principal of the M-Sport Ford World Rally Team, is a fan of the new-for-2021 Rally3 regulations, which M-Sport’s Polish arm has embraced through the Ford Fiesta Rally3, the first car built for the category.

“Rally3 is a really good category,” Millener said. “There are a lot of people who will still want to go to Rally2 [from Rally4] because it’s a very different category. But Rally3 will help alleviate that jump and also allow people to go half a step [from two-wheel drive] and improve their pacenotes and improve how they work together when the car becomes faster.

“One year in Rally3 could definitely jump you up further than having a year of Rally2 [after Rally4] or even a second year of Rally2 to get you up to where you need to be. That Rally3 step could really reduce that time.

“My advice to the majority of people who come up through Rally4 is don’t skip out Rally3 now. It’s going to be a really sensible category to be in and the performance of the car is very promising.”

The 2021 ERC season is set to get underway on ORLEN 77th Rally Poland from June 18-20.
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