Having tackled asphalt and gravel in the FIA European Rally Championship, Czech star Erik Cais sampled ice and snow in a Rally2 car for the first time during a recent test in Poland.
The 21-year-old top talent, a former downhill mountain bike racer, was at the wheel of his familiar Yacco ACCR Team Ford Fiesta R5 MkII fitted with Michelin studded tyres.

“I know Tarmac, I know gravel but I didn’t know the snow and that was the reason why we wanted to try it to be prepared if something happens in the future,” said Cais, whose Fiesta is run by Orsák Rally Sport from Czech Republic. “Every second in a rally car is a good experience. For me it was the first time in an R5 with Sweden-type studs so it was really good. It was different to the gravel, I tried many styles. It was two days of great fun.”

Commenting on the experience further, Cais said: “It was completely different to gravel, especially because the stage was so tight, it was not like you are going every corner big sideways. You needed to be really precise with the throttle.

“It was two days for adapting my mind, this was the main point. Every type of surface needs a different style and now I need to learn more this type of surface.”

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