Back on the calendar and back in its traditional season-opening slot in the FIA European Rally Championship, here some big Azores Rallye numbers.
24.03:At 24.03 kilometres, Graminhais is the longest stage of the55thAzores Rallye, albeit a mere 0.2kms longer than Sete Cidades.

4.10:The award for the shortest stage goes to the Grupo Marques superspecial (pictured), which measures 4.10 kilometres in length.

112.10:The opening leg on Friday May 5 is significantly longer than the89.84kilometres on leg two.

13:In total,13stages are scheduled to run over a distance of201.9kilometres.

7:When it comes to Azores Rallye success look no further than Fernando Peres, the event’s record-holdingseven-time winner.
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