Rally di Roma Capitale will remain a highlight of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship season when it forms part of the ERC schedule for the fifth time this summer, even though the hoped-for return to Ostia has had to be put on hold.
After hosting the finishing ceremony in 2017, when Rally di Roma Capitale joined the ERC calendar for the first time, Ostia formed part of the competitive route in 2018 and 2019 with its superspecial stage a major feature of the promotional activities held within the popular seaside resort west of Rome.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organiser Motorsport Italia, under the leadership of Max Rendina, was forced to postpone a return to Ostia in 2020 and that absence has now been extended by a further year to 2022 due to ongoing restrictions.

“Since when we started thinking about the Motorsport Village in Ostia this event has been devised and developed to get spectators, enthusiasts and interested people involved,” Rendina explained. “We have a lot of ideas and we were ready last year and for this year we also defined a small exhibition that would have coloured the seafront of the town with several recreational activities, stands and the adrenaline of the spectacle of Rally di Roma Capitale.

“We all know the present national and international sanitary situation and to organise an event of this size, several months of planning, requests of permits and agreements are needed, and in this uncertain situation in which the law set the pace for the decisions it is not possible to define a precise schedule. On top of this, limiting the access or completely blocking access to the Motorsport Village would completely devalue the project. The Rally di Roma Capitale simply cannot be in Ostia without the excitement and the passion of the fans.”

Rally di Roma Capitale is scheduled to take place from July 23-25.
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