The Kamila Valieva furore at Beijing 2022 has sparked discussions around a minimum age limit at the Olympics, IOC president Thomas Bach said on Friday.
A distraught Valieva, 15, finished off the podium in the ladies’ figure skating singles on Thursday after an intense week and a half in the spotlight.
Valieva tested positive for banned heart drug trimetazidine but was cleared to compete by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), partly because she was a “protected person” due to her age.
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She started the free skate in the lead but a catalogue of falls and slips saw her drop off the podium. Her coach’s first words to her were: “why did you let it go? Explain it to me, why?”
Bach said the IOC would consult the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and international sport federations before deciding if an age limit was appropriate.

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"There are issues to be addressed," said Bach at a press conference.
"This concerns the issues of minors in senior competition. We have already started in the IOC Executive Board to think about, but this needs careful deliberation and consultation on two fronts.
"One is with regards to WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency], to see whether there is the need to adapt the rules.
"The other stakeholders are the international federations over whether the establishment of minimum age of participation is an appropriate measure.
"This is for the international federations, but we will initiate such consideration and give them food for thought."

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Bach’s comments follow those of former American figure skater Adam Rippon, who told Eurosport the adults around Valieva “completely failed her” and urged a ban on child participation.
“I think Kamila is a victim in this. But I also think every other girl in that event is a victim of Kamila,” Rippon said before Thursday’s free skate.
“It feels like a completely unfair situation. It feels like we're making accommodations for somebody who didn't follow the rules. That person is also unfortunately 15 years old. And that makes me think also, as a coach, how that skater got those medications.
“It makes me think that those adults around her completely failed her. It's a 15-year-old girl. It's a shame that this is her Olympic experience.”
Bach hit out at Valieva’s coach, Eteri Tutberidze, for the treatment meted out to the Russian teenager.
"There is a very sad story about Kamila Valieva," said Bach.
"I was very disturbed when I watched the competition on TV, in her performance how high the pressure must have been. This pressure is beyond my imagination in particular for a girl of 15 years.
"To see her struggling, trying to compose herself, you can see the immense mental stress, perhaps she would have preferred to leave this story behind her.
“She was received with such tremendous coldness. it was chilling.”

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