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1. FC Köln - Fortuna Düsseldorf
Bundesliga - 24 May 2020

Bundesliga – Follow the Football match between 1. FC Köln and Fortuna Düsseldorf live with Eurosport. The match starts at 18:00 on 24 May 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Markus Gisdol or Uwe Rösler? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, thanks for your company - ta-ra.


Well who saw that coming? Successive 2-2s in successive weeks for the home side, one with a lead blown, one with a lead retrieved. They didn't play well today and Dusseldorf did, but somehow they scored twice and are nicely ensconced in mid-table. Dusseldorf meanwhile, are three points off safety, though will take heart from their performance.


Full-time: FC Koln 2-2 Fortuna Dusseldorf


Terrode heads down ... and Modeste thrashes over.


Sobottka boots Drexler and is booked.


Dusseldorf might've taken a draw before kick-off, but they'll be spewing now.


Might FC find a winner?


GOAL! OH I SAY! FC Koln 2-2 Dusseldorf (Cordoba) WHO DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING! Drexler cross and Cordoba does just about enough, heading down and across a semi-fumble from Kasternmeier! Football you are a sort!


There'll be four added minutes; FC have six goals in this period this season....


FC send on Terrrode, a centre-forward, for Leistner, a centre-back.


Can FC find another?


GOAL! FC Koln 1-2 Dusseldorf (Modeste) A livener! Uth and Drexler press Dusseldorf, turning over possession and allowing Drexler to swing over a sensational cross, which Modeste heads back across Kastermeier and into the far side-netting!


This relegation battle should be a really good one. Bremen now have form and confidence, Frankfurt are out of form, Union and Augsburg are still involved. I've not idea who's going down with Paderborn.


Skhiri tosses one into the box, Hoffman heads clear. Dusseldorf have defended really well today, closing down space and shutting off angles.


Dusseldorf are sitting deeper now, but still piling into challenges when they decide they've had enough.


Fink replaces Thommy, easily the man of the match.


Change apiece, Rexhbecaj replacing Kainz for FC and Adams replacing Stoger for Dusseldorf.


FC look devoid of inspiration here, and though the game might've turned out differently had Uth scored that penalty, Dusseldorf have been two goals better in general play.


FC find an angle to get it out to Kainz, down the left, who has a lot of space to run into but no one in any of it ahead of him, so his punched ball to Cordoba is easily intercepted.


Dusseldorf look as likely to find a third as FC do to find a first.


Uwe Rosler sends Sobottka on for Bodzek. His team have conceded more last half-hour goals than any other side in the league - perhaps that's because of how hard they run.


Kastenmeier punches clear but the ball drops to Drexler, he wellies low and hard ... hits a shin ... but Dusseldorf get lucky with the ricochet and clear.


But here come FC, Uth punching wide to Kainz, whose dangerous cross is headed behind.


Dusseldorf have been so sharp into challenges today, and here's Karaman wanting it more than Hector ... but Leistner is over to cover.


Eesh! Skhiri lasers over a fine cross from the right and Modeste is up for the scissors! He doesn't get hold of it, but for a second it loos like the ball might drop for Cordoba. But it does not.


FC try and move the ball faster, but it's not sticking for them today.


Leistner slings a fine ball over the top, but Cordoba went too early and the flag went up.


Dusseldorf replace Skrzybski with Zimmer.


Nothing we've seen from FC suggests that they can resolve this - which wasn't quite the case with Mainz last week, who had created various chances in going 2-0 down.


LOVELY GOAL! FC Koln 0-2 Dusseldorf (Thommy) All the difference! The best player on the pitch caps the best move of the match! Dusseldorf swarm forward, the ball pinging between Zimmerman, Berisha and Karaman, the combination opening up FC's right side and allowing Thommy to open his body and stroke a perfect finish into the far corner. That came two minutes and 20 seconds after the penalty miss!


About time: FC send on Drexler, Mere and Modeste for Ezibue, Jakobs and Katterbach.


KASTENMEIER SAVES UTH'S PENALTY! Uth opens his body and telegraphs that he's going to the keeper's right, not even achieving that; Kastemeieir paries back into play ... BUT UTH AND CORDOBA LEAVE IT TO EACH OTHER!


PENALTY TO FC! Uth strokes Kainz in down the right, and his first-time cross is whacked, first-time, into the base of the post. But he chases the rebound and Bodzek brings him down!


Markus Gisdol has done very well since taking the FC job, but he needs to do something about this.


Better from FC, Katterbach finding Cordoba down the left, who could try a cut-back but instead rams hard across the face - it looks like he's playing for a ricochet off the keeper and in, but he gets the ball away.


Dusseldorf still look the likelier, and they win a corner which goes short then short again, allowing Skrzybski to whip in a gorgeous cross from the corner of the box which eludes Karaman ... but only just.


FC get forward for the first time this half, Skhiri moving to Kainz at inside-right, who sweeps first time ... straight at Kastenmeier.




Serious stuff.




Katterbach drifts inside and looks to play off Uth, but the ball is hard and the touch is diamond.


There's an old skool-style terrace behind the goal FC are attacking this half - just a stepped ramp with bars here and there.


Adam Summerton tells us that Cordoba had eleven touches in the first half. I'd guess that FC had 60% possession too, they just haven't used the ball well - and Dusseldorf have shut them down well.


Off we go again!


I'm not sure whether Dusseldorf have been the better side but they've certainly been the smarter side. They're harrying, hassling, and breaking quickly, whereas Koln are too far away from each other to move the ball as quickly as they need to, to find space. This would be a huge win for the,, if they can hang on.


Half-time: FC Koln 0-1 Dusseldorf


Dusseldorf win a free-kick down the right which is whipped in by Skzybski, but neither Thommy nor Karaman can get a head to it.


There'll be one added minute.


FC, meanwhile, have created the cube route of nowt.


The goal wasn't "coming", but Dusseldorf have looked good for one at some point.


GOAL! FC Koln 0-1 Dusseldorf (Karaman) Katterbach, perhaps with the wind put up him by Thommy, plays an ill-advised short clearance into midfield and Thoomy does brilliantly to nip in and steal the loose ball - he's an absolute dagger. He allows Berish to take over, who sends in Karaman ... and this time he keeps his effort low, reaping the reward when the sliding Leistner deflects past Horn! That's four in four for him!


Back to what i was saying about crowds, this is the kind of game where you wonder if the crowd would be demanding a bit more than they're getting. The running is there, but it's not very physical.


I feel like I'm there.


Hector has been much less effective today that he was last week. Dusseldorf are playing 3-4-3, so perhaps Skhiri and Uth need to get closer to him.




FC comes down the left and Cordoba squares for the onrushing Jakobs; he nonchalantly swipes a first-time finish into the far corner.Iin his mind's eye that is; in reality his shot dribbles across the face of goal and fails to even go out for a throw.


A quiet period. Dusseldorf are looking for Thommy whenever they can - he clearly fancies a go at Katterbach - but could do with getting him on the ball a few yards further down te pitch.


Glorious turn in midfield from Uth, who slides forward before playing a wall-pass off Kainz - that's very nice, but then he runs out of position and is crowded out. Our commentator missed that because he decided it was more important that the players be praised by him for sticking to the post-corona rules.


Katterbach nails Thommy with the same forearm-back move, and this time the officials can't miss it - he's lucky not to get a booking for that.


Facing his own goal, Skhiri clips a lovely ball out to Ezibue on the far side. He hammers forwards, then, with options, whams a shot into the nearest defender.


FC have been the better side, but Dusseldorf have had easily the best chance and look properly up for it. Basically, they're running their arses off.


Thommy charges back to rob Katterbach, who sets off in pursuit and, as he drives into the box, ushers him grasswards with a sneaky forearm to back. That's a penalty, but the officials decide that it isn't.


Thommy's corner comes to nothing.


Escape for FC! Leistner botches a clearance and Berisha collects possession, moving goalwards. With a man either side, he opts to go right for Karaman, who snatches at a difficult chance, lamping a riser that's straight at Horn, who turns over.


Uth tries to flip a bouncing ball around himself and onto Cordoba, but can't get the cushion he needs.


I don't think we've had a shot on target yet, though it's not a boring game.


It's only the top five that have scored more than FC this season, but I can already see how Dusseldorf shut them down in November. They don't have enough players able to play incisively under pressure - though I wonder if the away side can keep this up for 90.


More FC possession, more canny Dusseldorf chasing.


Better from FC, Katterbach raiding and finding Kainz, who almost puts Uth in with a deft little scoop.


Hearing this referred to as "derby day" really does remind you how important the crowd are to a football match. I love football as well as going to the football, so I can enjoy a game played in an empty ground and I'm glad we've reached the point at which that's possible. But it's extremely different.


Apologies - my system crashed - but nothing of note happened. Dusseldorf, though, are pressing well, making good choices about whether to go and when to go.


It is mainly FC with the ball and Dusseldorf chasing.


FC need to get the ball into Uth. He's got five goals and four assists since arriving from Schalke in January, and played well in the first half last week. But his mates are struggling for the successive passes necessary to find him.


It's been a quiet start. Both sides are looking to make something happen, but neither's found the quality to put something together yet.


Cordoba loves the physical stuff and he boots the ball away from Bodzek, leaving tickling fingers on midriff. That's as near to a reducer as we're getting, I'm afraid.


Dusseldorf moves the ball right and Skrzybski makes a move towards the line, but Katterbach slides in well.


Koln knock it about at the back, Dusseldorf pressing.


Off we go!


My word, that was actual silence, and extremely haunting.


We're taking a minute to remember those who've lost their lives during these last few horrific weeks.


The players are on their way!


When the teams met earlier in the season, Dusseldorf won 2-0. It was a lively one.




There's something comforting about even the noise of people talking about football - the tones, the grammar of the form.


Looking at the table, Werder look to have a good chance of avoiding the drop now. Their win at Freiburg was huge, and of the teams down the bottom, they probably have the best players.


Ways you know you're old: you go for a run, twist your ankle, feel fine, finish your run, forget to ice, feel fine, find yourself unable to walk.


It turns out that Jadon Sancho is good at football. He's such a natural mover with the ball; I used to wonder if he was hard to make runs for because he's such a good improviser, but his head's always up so he always knows what's going on.


On BT, they're rhapsodising Timo Werner. He'd be an amazing signing for Liverpool, able to cover all their forward positions. I wonder if he has the game to play as number 9 in England - Liverpool use theirs almost as a second playmaker. Manchester City are the only team whose style suits a pure scorer up on his own, but really who knows if anyone will have anything to spend.


Am I going to impose this on you? Yes I am!


This is FC's game last week.


Dusseldorf have drawn their last four, unable to beat Mainz before corona and unable to score against, never mind beat bottom-of-the-table Paderborn last week, This is not great surprise - they've only managed 27 goals all season, the least in the league, and only four teams have conceded more. Good luck, lads.


And I'll tell you what about Leipzig: they kept at it with the game won, which I don't imagine is at all easy, playing away from home in front of no one.


Leipzig have closed out Mainz 5-0 and were brilliant in so doing - Timo Werner scored a hat-trick. They go third, and but seven points to Bayern looks too much. If they can keep this team together, though, they've a serious chance next season.


Some of their play last week was actually pretty impressive. Hector ran the midfield for an hour, Uth and Cordoba were lively, and they ought to have pushed harder and scored more. But they sat back, allowing Mainz's attack - which caused their defence problems throughout - to snatch a draw.


Anyhow, FC bring in Ezibue and Jakobs for Schmitz and Thielmann.


Is it worse getting pasted 5-0 at home in front of fans, or in front of empty seats? Ask Mainz. It's got to be said, though, that Leipzig are proper.


Nice detail, but the players listed in number order not formation is exceedingly unhelpful.


This is a huge game for both teams, and not just because it's a derby. Koln - or FC as they're known - are trying to get back into the Europa League, currently four points off with this game in hand, and tossed a two-goal lead at home to Mainz last week. That is of especial relevance here because Mainz, currently 5-0 down at home to Leipzig, are fourth-bottom, once place above Dusseldorf. Assuming they're edged out of that one, a win for the away side moves them to within a point of safety, a goal-difference deficit of four already resolved in their favour.


Afternoon all, and welcome to Koln v Dusseldorf!