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Ludogorets - Arsenal
Champions League - 1 November 2016

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Ludogorets and Arsenal live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:45 on 1 November 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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So thanks for your company - enjoy the rest of your night.


Brilliant win for Arsenal, and a brilliant winning goal. They didn't play that well, but they found a way, and that's just as important. They're not going to win this competition, but the momentum will be very useful in continuing their charge in the league.


Full-time: Ludogorets 2-3 Arsenal


Ludogorets press, and Oxlade-Chamberlain clumps behind for a corner. Wanderson with it, and for a second the ball is loose in the box when Koscielny is beaten to the header, but Coquelin is there to smack clear.


Get a load of this.


There will be three added minutes.


This is a huge night for Arsenal. They've come back from a deficit, played badly thereafter, and found the moment of genius that they needed and the moment that they needed it.


WHAT A GOAL! LUDOGORETS 2-3 ARSENAL (OZIL) This is the definition of class and composure. A long hump finds Ozil and the keeper charges out, so Ozil lifts the bouncing ball over him, then as two defenders cover the line, he feints to shoot, they slide in to block, look silly, and he mooches across the face then slots into the empty net. Outstanding behaviour.


This has been a really disappointing effort form Arsenal. Having done so well to get back into the game, a fierce start to the second half would have seriously discouraged Ludogorets. But they were reactive, and haven't been able to rouse themselves.


Ozil appears at inside-left and he crosses for Oxlade-Chamberlain at the near post, who tries to let the ball run across his instep and ino the far corner, but gets the timing wrong, so it zoots wide.


Wanderson is allowed to carry the ball from the left touchline the middle of the pitch, feeding Misidjan who crosses into Ospina's arms.


Arsenal give away consecutive fouls as Ludogorets attack their left-hand side. Nothing comes of them, but the home crowd sense that their side is in the ascendancy and roar them forward.


Goal news from elsewhere: Basel have equalised against PSG, which would unqualify both PSG and Arsenal; Manchester City now lead Barcelona 3-1, and have apparently handed them a lesson in the second half.


Keseru's night is over; he's replaced by Misidjan.


I'm not sure this means very much, but in case.


Ludogorets have experienced all manner of emotional swing during this game, and they're visibly growing in confidence now - they've largely frustrated Arsenal since half-time, creating the two best chances for themselves. It means nothing, but they look the likeliest winners.


Aaron Ramsey, who's been ineffective in the second half but had a good run-out, is replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Piqued, Sanchez powers past Marcelinho to get at Anicet, snapping into him but avoiding a card.


First bit of Arsenal in a while, Xhaka firing a pass at Sanchez who has to touch it into his stride to put himself in on goal. But he can't quite manage it, Borjan able to smother as he chases after it.


It's not much of game anymore, but Marcelinho breaks forward at inside-left and slides a pass for Keseru ahead of him, but without the angle to allow him to drive towards goal.


Wanderson runs away from Jenkinson, who shoves him in the back at cost of another booking. He looks a player, and did at the Emirates too.


Ludogorets are defending with much greater discipline this half, relying on the counter to create opportunities.


A quiet period after that little flurry of excitement.


Xhaka slides in late on Marcelinho, actually lifting his studs so that they catch the knee. He's booked, but if the ref had seen what he actually did, that might have been red.


Another chance for Wanderson, this time played in on the right. But Ospina is out quickly when his first touch is loose, smothering his shot.


And immediately, Ludogorets charge forwards with Dyakov, on the right, sweeping a pass into Anicet, who plays in Wanderson at inside-left. He speeds into the box and has a sight of goal, but striking across Ospina, gets neither sufficient power nor placement to even tax the keeper.


Sanchez and Ozil are over the ball, just right of centre, and Sanchez prevails, his kick clipping Dyakov on the near end of the wall and going over the top for a corner which comes to nowt.


Nice from Arsenal, Sanchez nipping the ball into Ozil with his back to goal, 25 yards out. It bounces up off his instep as he looks to turn and plays Palomino - free-kick says the ref....


Coquelin contests a 50-50 with Jonathan Cafu and the ball strikes him on the forearm so the ref awards Ludogorets a free-kick. Coquelin disagrees, so gestures, and this the integrity of the game cannot permit. He is therefore booked.


Arsenal have had most of the ball so far this half, but neither side has created much. The quality is much lower than it was in the first 45, and I'd expect changes from both managers in the next five to ten minutes.


That De Bruyne goal I mentioned - it's not bad.


High feet and tempers lead to Snachez berating Dyakov as he sits on the turf - all being well, we'll have some lovely tetch to enjoy before long.


Mustafi flips a lovely ball forwards for Ozil, who, closing in on the box, squares - but Palomino intercepts easily, before it can reach Giroud. That was a wasted opportunity.


Marcelinho lands Giroud a right sair yin, studs on Achilles, and there's a brief hiatus for grimacing and anguish before the game recommences.


In Manchester, De Bruyne has given City the lead against Barcelona.


Gibbs has treatment and trots back on, so basically he has a low pain threshold.


Sanchez feeds the overlapping Gibbs, who zetzes his cross well past the back post. And he stays down thereafter, holding his shoulder - that doesn't look plesant. He vaulted Minev, spun, and landed badly.


If Arsenal can find the win here, it'll really add to their momentum.


Gosh, quite some news: reports in Spain tell us that Alexis Sanchez is under investigation for tax fraud, and could face prison if found guilty.


Also in this group, PSG are ahead in Basel, Matuidi with the goal. If the scores stay as they are, they and Arsenal will qualify, but PSG will have the upper hand when it comes to topping the group.


Seriously, Planet Earth, what is going on?


In it's way it's been similar to the first half of the last game - Arsenal the better side but Ludogorets with plenty of thrust to trouble a still-dodgy defence. But in it's way it's been different too, Ludogorets taking their chances and actually not creating too much otherwise. Both halves, though, have been exceedingly enjoyable - see you in 15 for more of the same.


HALF-TIME: LUDOGORETS 2-2 ARSENAL - what a half! But how does one with four goals have no added time?


Suddenly, it's hard not to see Arsenal winning this by a couple of goals. Ludogorets must be feeling it, and we saw what happens when that happens just a couple of weeks ago.


GOAL! LUDOGORETS 2-2 ARSENAL (GIROUD) This is very poor from Ludogorets, allowing Ramsey time to scratch himself, make a cup of tea, and cross the ball out on the right. In the meantime, Giroud ambles towards the near post and no one tracks him, which forces Borjan to come. But it's too late by then, and an easy flick level up the match. Maybe Arsenal aren't Arsenal anymore!


Borjan dawdles on the ball and Ramsey closes him down, forcing a hurried clearance and Arsenal keep up the pressure, Sanchez crossing from the left and Ozil thunking a volley against Natanael who does very well to get in the way - that was going in.


Ilkay Gundogan has equalised for City against Barcelona.


Minev has Sanchez in the corner by Arsenal's by-line, so naturally he ploughs through him, intelligence which earns him the yellow card.


Oh and this is another brilliant goal scored elsewhere tonight. No doubt genius managers all over Europe are turning out their pockets having spotted that Antoine Griezmann is quite good.


Arsenal have picked it up again, Gibbs finding his way to the line and espying Giroud in the middle. He's certain he's about to pick him out to roll in the equaliser, but somehow he finds Palomino instead and has to make do with a corner. It comes to nothing.


So, who will be Wenger's first-choice midfielders when the big games arrive? If you reckon that Cazorla is easily the best of them, it seems unlikely that Wenger will go with Ramsey alongside him - he'll be competing with Walcott for a spot on the right, with Xhaka and Coquelin fighting it out to play deep.


Cafu wins a corner off Coquelin and Wanderson's corner is a good one, high but swinging in, and Cafu isn't too far away - but Koscielny manages to insert some spikes and clear. It comes back from the other wing, though, and this time Gibbs clears. Again, though, Ludogorets win it back, sending Natanel down the left, but he runs out of space and is forced to cross on the stretch; it sails behind. This is now a really good game.


Cafu surges down the left and appears again in the middle as Ludogorets try to ramp up the pressure. Arsenal, though, get back into shape and force them back - that is most out of character.


Arsenal win another corner down the left which Sanchez overhits, and Ludogorets sweep forward, only for Wanderson's pass to be behind the 74 runners.


They do love a forename.


Not in this game, but WATCH THIS!


Arsenal are back in control now, Ludogorets generally not harassing them as they build, opting instead to defend deep and in numbers.


Corner to Arsenal down the left, and Ramsey Bould gets a touch at the near post, but none of his chumsies are there to cash in as it flashes across the face of goal.


GOAL! LUDOGORETS 2-1 ARSENAL (XHAKA) And there we are! Sanchez snaps a pass down the left for Ozil, who hits the line and cuts back for Giroud, who misses it. But Xhaka arrives with perfect timing to sweep a plant past Borjan into the far bottom corner. This is alright!


I've already made one claim that was immediately disproved, but I really don't see who's dragging Arsenal back into this apart from Alexis. And to do it on your own is a lot.


This can happen when you make lots of changes, but the first ten minutes really did not suggest it. On which point, Mustafi and Koscielny did not look comfortable against Wanderson and Cafu in that first game, and tonight they're flanked by full-backs who don't usually play.


GOAL! LUDOGORETS 2-0 ARSENAL (KESERU) Wanderson finds Jonathan Cafu with a lovely, sweeping crossfield pass, and his pal teases Gibbs down the left, feinting inside, nipping outside, and crossing low and hard for Keseru to punch home with his instep.


Well, that was not coming, but for the fact that it came. Do Arsenal, without their full XI, have the quality to come back?


GOAL! LUDOGORETS 1-0 ARSENAL (JONATHAN CAFU) Wanderson's free-kick is excellent, flatish and towards the far post. Ospina stays, and Cafu arrives before the various defenders in dunderheided pursuit, connecting with a firm enough instep volley to send the ball into the far corner.


Sanchez is played by the ball turning his back on a dinked pass, and Ludogorets have a free-kick, 30 yards out and left of centre...


This is not like the previous game between the sides, not at all. Arsenal are bossing possession, and are going to score shortly.


Arsenal are starting to motor, Gibbs sending a long pass out to Coquelin, somehow appearing on the left wing, and he slots into Ozil's path. He really should score, but his effort is tame, straight at the keeper.


"What's Alexis Sanchez's best position?" Steve Bower asks Jim Beglin. "Wherever he plays," comes back the answer. That's nice.


Sanchez gets down the left and digs out a cross which might make it to Giroud, except Ramsey tries an overhead kick that slices wide.


I had high hopes for this game, and then Michael Owen said that he did to, and then i watched the first four minutes of it, and suddenly I've got bad vibes. But here's Alexis Sanchez to cheer us up. He runs with the ball, turns, lays it back, and it goes back to Koscielny.


It's been a messy start, lots of men rushing after the ball like a kids' party.


Who wasn't wondering?


The camera angle is an odd on, high up and pointed down to vertiginous degree.


And we're off.


The players are out, they music's been played, and hands are being slapped as we speak. It stenches of fair play, even through the screen of my computer.


I wonder if playing alongside Coquelin will allow Xhaka to show us a little more than he has so far. He's not played badly or anything, but it's been a fairly gentle arrival into English football for him.


Absolutely unfathomable.


"We have only full-strength teams," says Wenger of his various changes. He wanted to play Giroud because he's a striker who's scoring, but also because they might have to hit some longer balls. He also points out that the 6-0 wasn't really a 6-0 game and it might have been 2-2 at half-time.


It's worth noting that Ludogorets caused Arsenal plenty of problems in the first half at the Emirates. They'd had enough once Arsenal scored at the start of the second half, but as long as it was a game, they were in the game. So, Arsenal might still burn them off with confidence and skill - players playing for their places can make that happen - or they might look disjointed and rusty, given two men who can't be matchfit.


Arsene Wenger, meanwhile, flexes his spindly old biceps by making all manner of changes. Ospina continues in goal, but Bellerin is given a rest and Jenkinson comes in, with Gibbs taking Monreal's usual spot on the other side. Sitting in the midfield are Xhaka and Coquelin, while Ramsey makes his first start since the start of the season and Giroud his first altogether. But in the middle of it all, Mustafi and Koscielny are still there, and so are Ozil and Sanchez.


So, Ludogorets make two changes from these teams' last meeting. In net, Borjan replaces Stoyanov, and Misidjan is left out of the midfield, so Keseru comes in up front and Jonathan Cafu plays wide on the right.


Some teams, then:

Ludogorets: Borjan; Minev, Palomino, Moti, Natanael; Anicet, Dyakov; Jonathan Cafu, Marcelinho, Wanderson; Keseru. Subs: Stoyanov, Cicinho, Sasha, Quixada, Plastun, Lukoki, Misidjan.


Evening all, and a poser to begin: are Arsenal a)no longer Arsenal; or b) still the same old Arsenal?