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Manchester United - Sevilla FC
Champions League - 13 March 2018

Champions League – Follow the Football match between Manchester United and Sevilla FC live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:45 on 13 March 2018. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Ole Gunnar Solskjær or Joaquín Caparrós? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So there we go. Thanks all for your company - see you again!


Full-time: Manchester United 1-2 Sevilla. Sevilla go through to the quarter-finals, 2-1 on aggregate! Every other team will be desperate to meet them for they are rubbish.


It's impossible to overstate what a mess united have made of this, sitting back against rubbish opposition - twice - inviting them into a game they had no business being in, and being duly, deservedly punished.


Rashford shoves Mercado, who falls. Booking, and more time elapses.


united have been disgusting tonight, and much as the players can do better, it is as though their manager has hampered them on purpose.


United are nowhere at the back, and Ben Yedder ambles through the middle - it's a chasm! He takes his time, opens his body, and drives against De Gea's leg.


There'll be four added minutes.


Martial and Rashford try some one-touch stuff outside the box, but it goes as you'd expect it to go given two players who never play together.


Sarabia is booked for chucking the ball away.


Sevilla have got rid of a fair bit of time here - Correa is replaced by Geis.


Bailly is running the ball back to De Gea and Correa, nowhere near him, applies stud to achilles. He's booked, but he knew he would be and more seconds vanish.


Vazquez departs, as slowly as you'd hope. Pizarro replaces him.


Mata finds Sanchez, who digs out a cross for Rashford, but he has to supply all the power himself and can only force a header wide.


United have just stopped defending, Sarabia curling in and Ben Yedder shooting just wide.


GOAL! Manchester United 1-2 Sevilla (Lukaku) United win a corner down the left and Rashford clips low towards the near post. Matic looks to miss with his flick, but does enough to distract the defenders, and Lukaku, falling, hooks powerfully home.


United find space for Mata down the right and he crosses low for Lukaku who, under pressure from Lenglet, gets a firm touch on it but can only guide over the bar.


United have fallen apart! Correa diddles Bailly with a stepover, goes on the outside, and shoots hard ... De Gea pushes out, and it looks like Ben Yedder will complete a remarkable hat-trick, but Smalling blocks. From the corner, Lenglet bangs a free header just wide.


United win a free-kick on the left and Young curls it in nicely. Vazquez gets a flick and picks Smalling out at the far post, but he takes his eye off it and can't tap home!


GOAL! Manchester United 0-2 Sevilla (Ben Yedder) Sevilla win a corner and no one bothers to mark Correa on the near post. He heads across goal, and no one has bothered to mark Ben Yedder on the far post. He heads firmly, and though De Gea makes a valiant effort to save, he can't stop the ball crossing the line. United are a disgrace.


Mata and Martial come on for Valencia and Lingard.


Anthony Martial is stripped. Why does Mourinho think United need a goal now, but not before?


GOAL! Manchester United 0-1 Sevilla (Ben Yedder) That's been coming. Valencia gives it away, Matic isn't strong enough, Sarabia finds Banega and he quickly feeds Ben Yedder. One touch takes the ball away from Bailly, and the second thumps a low finish past De Gea! United need to score twice in 17 minutes!


Ben Yedder replaces Muriel - he might give United a bit more about which to think ... and Sarabia nearly picks him out with a long ball over the top! But a combination of SMalling and the bounce see him away ... this time.


I should say that Lenglet has been very good tonight.


Rashford absolutely rinses Mercado, stopping, catching the ball between his heels and rousting away. But there are only two men in the box and he can't find one, Lenglet there to clear.


Dicey for United, Bailly forced to see Vazquez away inside the box before Correa drives a low cross-cum-shot which De Gea dives upon.


Smalling is adjudged to have fouled Vazquez so Sarabia stands over a free-kick, 25 yards out, right-hand side. He curls the ball into the box, and no one bothers attacking it.


...which Rashford smashes high past the back post.


Rashford gets his first run at Mercado, cuts inside and past him easily, and takes the foul. Free-kick, just around the corner of the box...


A despicable pass from pogba allows Sevilla to attack but they show no urgency whatsoever, getting to a crossing position and knocking the ball back into their own half. Pathetic.


Good from Lukaku - he's done his best to make the most of little so far tonight - making room for Pogba to pick a pass. He picks a defender instead.


Rashford and Sanchez swap.


Bit of aimless possession for United.


it's very odd, the chances Mourinho accords some but not others. Sanchez and Lukaku can more or less do what they want and never be dropped ... and one finds t'other down the left side of the box ... he waits for the ball to drop and smashes a shot into Lenglet. The resultant corner is wasted, of course.


Change for United: Pogba replaces Fellaini.


Vazquez darts a pass into space for Correa, and again Bailly is alive to hump it away.


Close! Banega sees Sarabia outside him and rolls him in ... his cross is hard and aching to be deflected past De Gea, but Bailly does well to reach it ahead of Muriel.


Young slides Lukaku into the inside-left channel, and he turns to face Lenglet, but can only drive the ball at Rico. Elsewhere, Roma lead Shakhtar 1-0, so are up in the tie on away goals.


Oh dear, dear. Sanchez finds space on halfway and sends Rashford away down the right. But the ball isn't quite into stride, and he then wafts a useless cross miles from anywhere.


It's not saying much, but this is slightly better from both sides.


Nice from Correa, who dances past a challenge or two and into the box. But he's surrounded by defenders, and can only trickle a shot wide.


Superb from Lukaku, who loses possession but quickly wins it back, sliding a pass into Lingard, right of the box. His first touch is decent but he can't quite get it out of his feet, and though he digs out a decent shot nonetheless, Rico dives to palm away. Seconds later, Rashford smashes a low ball across the box, but no one is there to tap home.


United win a dodgy free-kick 35 yards from goal, and Young ponces a tame pass towards Smalling who can't knock back across goal. Pogba and Mata are warming up.


WHAT A CHALLENGE ERIC BAILLY! Sevilla break and Nzonzi finds a nice pass out to Sarabia down the left. He crosses quickly, and Correa is in space, away from Fellaini, but out of nowhere, Bailly launches into a slide-tackle that averts the danger. That is brilliant defending, and Vazquez slices the loose ball miles away.


Lukaku flicks on for Sanchez who finds Lingard, but a poor first touch is enough to stymie the attack.


United don't appear to have changed anything. Rashford is still on the right, to accommodate Sanchez who is still on the left. He has done nothing to earn his preference.


Off we toddle once more.


Back come the teams.


That was an abomination. If United stopped fretting about tactics and away goals, they have the ability to wipe Sevilla off the pitch. But they haven't, so they arent.


Half-time: Manchester United 0(0)-(0)0 Sevilla.


Banege leads a break and finds Muriel, but his pass for Correa, running around him and to his outside, is tame and easily mopped up by Valencia.


Lingard plays a lovely one-two off Rashford, but when he hits the line there are too many men between him and Lukaku. So United win a corner off Lenglet, and again it's easily cleared.


Uefa could easily eliminate both of these teams.


United have upped it slightly, Fellaini putting himself about bundling through tackles and shooting into Banega's buttocks as he turns his back. Lingard has a swipe at the loose ball but misses and boots Escudero instead, so that's the end of that attack.


Rashford, on the left following the corner, does really well to race around his man to the line, at least giving the crowd something to think about. But as soon as they get onto their feet, the ref blows for an infringement of some sort.


Some football! Fellaini does brilliantly, rattling into Banega just outside the Sevilla box and playing a one-two off Sanchez ... he's in, left side of the box! He smashes his shot with Lukaku screaming for a square pass, and it's fairly easy for Rico to shove around the post. The corner comes to nowt.


"Don't worry about the away goal, just go out and trounce them," says Steve McManaman of United. He's right. This is nonsense.


Valencia crosses from well out and Fellaini can't win the ball,which ends up with Sanchez down the left, cutting in. He can't decide whether to cross or shoot so flights one into the keeper's hands.


Banega finds himself on the ball just outside the d, so swipes a shot that flies well wide. This is turgid stuff.


Matic bundles through midfield and finds Young, who crosses first-time without bothering to notice that there's no point in so doing, there being one attacker in the box surrounded by many defenders.


Lukaku is trying his best, and spreads play to Young, who finds Lingard. He looks for Fellaini at the far post, but his knockdown is straight to Lenglet.


It's fair to say that I'm biased, but still: if United played Sevilla with their best players in their best positions and didn't bother with tactics and such, I'm pretty sure they'd win comfortably.


Rashford screeches past Banega down the right and it looks like something might happen, then Escudero slides in to dispossess him.


Nice from Rashford, taking the ball off Sanchez and lifting a nice ball into Lukaku, but he can't quite gather.


This game is a mess.


Snxchez drifts a pass towards the far post, and Escudero concedes the corner, Rashford with it ... and Nzonzi clears at the front post.


Lukaku drops and takes Bailly's clearance on his chest very nicely, then finds Young outside him. The ball moves onto Sanchez who, on the edge of the box, dead centre, can't quite flick a through pass for Lingard. United have been slightly better these last few minutes.


United's first attack in some time, Vazquez giving it away to Sanchez, who finds Lukaku. He spreads wide to Rashford, but the ball is outside him not inside him, and his eventuating cross, when he eventually catches up with it, is headed clear by the first man.


Marcus Rashford is on the ball deep inside his own half. Why?


Old Trafford is silent as United knick the ball across the back four before whacking it up to Fellaini. Nothing comes of it.


Mourinho won the Champions League with a not dissimilar formation to this 4-2-3-1, but his defence was much better than United's and his midfield much more mobile. United should be in 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 diamond.


Again, United allow Sevilla to arrive in front of their box, Banega into Sarabia, and Vazquez curls way over. At some point, Sevilla's final touch is going to improve - United need to find their intensity.


Ever Banega? Yeah, but it wasn't for me.


United are giving Sevilla so much space, and Bailly has to block another shot from Correa. United are allowing them to pick their way through to just outside the box without putting them under. And Bailly then gives it away to Sarabia! he finds Correa, who finds Muriel, whose shot is way off. But that's another warning.


Sevilla are into this now, and Bailly has to charge down a shot from Vazquez. And then again, Vazquez has possession, Smalling doing well to block him off just outside the box.


United are letting Sevilla pass it out from the back. I'm not sure why, because it's helping them get into stride when they weren't responding especially well to pressure.


And Banega swerves it into the near post, Correa up early and miles ahead of Matic, diverting the ball just over the bar. Decent effort, but De Gea wasn't concerned enough to get involved.


Sevilla have had a better last couple of minutes and Vazquez whips a cross into Valencia, earning a corner.


Valencia clears rashly to Escudero, but nips in to redeem himself ahead of Correa.


Romelu Lukaku still plays like a man carrying a piano, but his link-up play has improved a lot this season, and he comes back into his own half to hold the ball up. Nothing comes of it.


Banega, who's been done by Fellaini a couple of times already, takes out his frustration on Sanchez, catching him late. He's booked and will miss any quarter-final. Free-kick United, 35 yards out, which Rashford drives through the wall, forcing Sergio Rico to parry - easily enough.


Nice from United again, Valencia into Sanchez who sets Lingard away down the right. He teases Kjaer and slips a low cross at Lukaku ... Lenglet does just enough.


Sevilla have hardly had a kick so far.


Matic into Sanchez, and he turns around the corner for Lingard chasing onto it. He runs it into touch, but that was still nicely done.


Lukaku barges Kjaer off the ball down the left, darts a pass into Lingard inside the box, and looks to place the return high into the corner but is well away. Good start from United, though.


The first thing to note is that Rashford is on the right. On the oine hand, this is causing me ire, on the other, he has all the qualities to play there. Lingard is in behind, Sanchez on the left.


Away we go!


Old Trafford was absolutely jumping on Saturday - let's see if the crowd can, in the presence of Steven Gerrard, "go again".


Sevilla are in their black New Balance away kit. It's quite rude.


Here they come!


The players are tunnelled. The away end are having it.


Human beings jogging.


"We cannot say United is hugely successful in European football," said Mourinho to Des Kelly earlier in the week. "Two Champions Leagues and one Europa League in two decades." Wonder if that's got Fergie wincing.


Sevilla have lost two home games since the sides last met - to Valencia and Atletico, granted, but still. If United fly at them, there's plenty there for them.


In the studio, Ferdinand and Scholes are talking about how they didn't much rate De Gea when he arrived. I must say, I find that a bit odd - in his first game against West Brom, he was at fault for their goal, but he made some unbelievable saves that told you the natural ability was there. At 19, he just needed to learn and grow.


Quite right.


His injury was ill-timed, though he might have lost his place anyway given his contribution against Chelsea - a brilliant assist, then nothing until a sulky trudge off to be subbed when time was of the essence with the game to be won. I'm not sure he'll be at United in a couple of years.


That said, Sevilla are the kind of team United should look to blow away in the first half, not pick off in gradual manner.


Sevilla, meanwhile bring Kjaer in for the injured Navas, Mercado moving to right-back. I'd expect them to have plenty of the ball tonight, with United looking to sit deep and handlle them on the break - hence Lingard playing ahead of Mata, though Mata's passing can be handy in such circumstances. Lingard, though, also links well with Rashford.


So Pogba isn't included - I'm not sure if that's a fitness issue. The other change from the weekend is Lingard for Mata - assuming Rashford has nailed down the left-win spot, we'll see whether he or Sanchez play in behind. I'd go for Lingard there, as he's been great there this season, while right-wing is where United have a space, so Sanchez should look to fill it. Frankly, it was odd Mourinho didn't put him there immediately, preferring to relocate Martial instead.


Excuse me - Mourinho is being interviewed, so let's do that first. He isn't sure it's the biggest match of the season, having heard so much before United played Liverpool - but if not for the fans, for the players. He explains his selection as being to help get the most out of his players, but doesn't specify what the blithering expletive he thinks he's doing preferring Fellaini to Pogba. He also says that Sevilla will be in the tie until the end.


Right then, some teams.


In football, things can change very quickly. In the first leg of this tie, United were absolutely revolting - not for this first time this season - sitting off Sevilla and terrified of Ever Banega when, if they'd simply have played a game of football, they'd probably have won. Then, a few days later, they played just as disgustingly to find themselves one-nil down at home to Chelsea and a few days after that were even worse is going two goals down to Crystal Palace. But on both occasions they found a way to win, beat Liverpool from the front, and suddenly, thanks to the unlikely growth of a backbone, have momentum. If they can keep it going tonight, that should be enough to see them into the last eight.


Evening all and welcome to Manchester United (0) - (0) Sevilla!