Thomas Tuchel says it is 'hard to be excited' over the new Champions League format approved by UEFA for the 2024/25 season.
While news has focused on the disintegration of the proposed European Super League, Blues boss Thomas Tuchel has doubts over the new 36-club Champions League set-up that will pack in four more matches compared to the current format.
And while Tuchel is pleased to see the back of the Super League, he was quick to draw attention to the issues clubs have with the current competition and the changes they face.
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"I'm not sure if I like it. I can only see more games and it is hard for me to be excited at all," Tuchel said ahead of Chelsea's Champions League semi-final, first-leg tie against Real Madrid.
"All these discussions about the Super League made us forget about the new format of the Champions League. Did they ask any coaches or players? I don't think so.
"We have so many new formats, with a (UEFA) Nations League as well... It's not quality, it's just more games. At the same time, we have just three substitutes in the Premier League, which is the toughest competition."
UEFA had threatened to ban those involved in the Super League from the Champions League, but Tuchel insists that the clubs and players in this year's semi-finals deserve to keep their place.
"We do not deserve it because of political decisions or because of our logo, we deserve it because we have come a long way," Tuchel added.
"I had the luck to be part of it since the knockout phase and we have fought our way through with results. If problems exist on a sports political level, it has to be sorted on that level."
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