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Manchester City - FC Porto

Follow the Champions League live Football match between Manchester City and FC Porto with Eurosport. The match starts at 21:00 on 21 October 2020.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Josep Guardiola or Sérgio Conceição? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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That's a good win for City and Porto played well too. Thanks for your company.


Full-time: Man city 3-1 Porto


Fernandinho looks really miserable as he goes off. Stones replaces him.


Fernandinho went to spread the ball wide, did, and now he's gone down. He's feeling his quad - he over-stretched, maybe because he's old and not warm - and it's a tricky one. City need him fit so he needs to play, but they need him so he needs not to play.


Nice feet from Torres, transfering the ball to Foden, and City are just keeping it now.


There'll be three added minutes.


Porto look to generate some aggression Evanilson charging through centrefield, so Fernandinho does his thing and is booked.


Goodness me, Bayern now lead Atletico 4-0, while Inter and Gladbach is 2-2. In this group, Olympiakos lead Marseille 1-0.


Foden is going to be such a player. Everything is so easy for him.


Fernandinho replaces Rodri.


Pepe is booked for the altercation, which he later seeks to prolong.


Pepe requests a full and frank one with Sterling, who he's accusing of diving. He gets in his face, accidentally, brushes his leg through a grounded Sterling who catches his leg, and while everyone's misdirected by that, Rodri clatters a brilliant long-ranger against the ost.


Nanu is caught in possession and Sterling scavanges the ball, wriggling towards the box before feeding Mahrez, who thinks he's going to score but shoots to close to Marchesin. The corner goes short and comes to nothing.


Evanilson, the young striker signed from Fluminese, comes on for his Porto debut, replacing Sarr.


You've got to give it to Sergio Conceicao, he's not tossing this.


Changes for Porto, Nakaima replacing Sanusi, Nanu replacing Corona and Taremi replacing Fabio Vieira.


And elsewhere...


If Porto play like this in the remainder of their group games, they'll have a chance of coming second in this group.


GOAL! Man City 3-1 Porto (Torres) This is a lovely goal. Torres has shown some intensity since coming on and he finds Foden outside him, accepts a perfectly-weighted return square-pass, cuts by Pepe, and falling, bends a lovely rising finish high into the net. Game over.


Sterling skitters forwar, heading directly for Mbemba, who stands his ground. It's enough.


Cancelo stick a ball in the channel for Torres, who's gotta bitta gas. But Mbemba, who's having an excellent game, stamps on his and confiscates possession.


Torres and Foden replace Gundogan and Aguero.


Garcia slips and snaps his leg across Marega's. He's booked.


GOAL! Man City 2-1 Porto (Gundogan) It's Gundogan, and he goes over the wall and inside the near post! It's a nice effort, but it's nowhere near the side-netting. The keeper probably saw it late, but he'll be disappointed to have waved it by.


Vieira loses the ball then inserts his profile between Gundogan and the ball. That looked a really good challenge, but the ref gives a free-kick to City, 20 yards out, almost dead centre. Mahrez likes the look of it...


I'm not sure Marchesin has made a single serious save apart from the penalty.


I say that, but Porto are alos looking dangerous, Sanusi ploughing down the left before running into trouble.


City are getting there, Mahrez rolling in Walker who steams onto the ball and disquieting pace before crossing; Sterling can't adjust his feet, then the ball hits Aguero's arm and he tries an overhead kick, but the whistle goes for handball.


The ball is a decent one but Rodri can't quite work out his angles, twisting his head to guide an effort wide.


The ball brushes Corona's arm, giving City a free-kick 30 yards out, right of centre. Gundogan will curl in a cross....


Manafa has gone to the right, with Corona taking Diaz's place on the left.


I'm surprised to see this change: Manafa replaces Diaz. Perhaps Porto are trying to hang onto what they've got.


Again, Diaz finds himself in space and drives into the box, but this time he's lost in the supermarket, unable to decide whether to shoot, dribble or pass, and eventually overruns the ball into trouble.


City are playing with more intensity, but not with very much more quality.


Bernardo goes down the right and crosses, the ball flicking off a Porto head and dropping into the path of the advancing Gundogan, who controls a side-footed half-volley that Marchesin sprawls to repel. Good shot, good save.


Elsewhere in this group, Olympiakos have just had a goal disallowed against Marseille.


Romelu Lukaku has put Inter ahead against Gladbach.


City have Fernandinho warming up. Hell be on soon if things don't improve, and I'd also expect to see Foden.


Dominik Szoboszlai is meant to be a serious player.


Off we go again.


Right then, the teams are back with us.


That was a decent half. City haven't got going but Porto are growing in confidence and scored a brilliant goal. Even if City improve, they might still need two more to win this.


Half-time: Manchester City 1-1 Porto


Diaz, who's had a really good half, ducks inside and curves a cross into the middle that flicks off the head of Garcia. Goalkick, apparently.


As I was saying, three added minutes.


There should be a decent amount of stoppage time, given how long the penalty took to sort out.


Hello! Marega powers in behind and Corona finds him! He could shoot, but opts to square, and Garcia slides into what looks like an own goal, but then Walker slides too and diverts the ball to safety. Brilliant defending.


Coman and Goretzka have put Bayern 2-0 up on Atletico. They are really, really good.


For perhaps the first time tonight, City get the ball out to Mahrez inside the box, and he sways and stepsover looking to force an angle for the left-footed finish into the far bottom corner. But Sarr stands up well, blocking behind for a corner which comes to nothing.


The two managers, Guardiola and Conceicao, are bitching at each other on the tochline.


Marega waits to control a high ball that Cancelo completely misjudges, leaping over and through him with a high arm. He's booked too.


Diaz turns away and runs into Bernardo, taking a zetz to the face. Bernardo is booked, but that looked more like an unfortunate coming-together than a deliberate obstruction.


Diaz comes inside and loses the ball but Aguero, making himself a nuisance by helping his defenders, runs the ball into the path of Sanusi, who lashes a low shot from a narrow angle that Ederson snaffles.


Mbemba does well to intercept a pass for Sterling and Marega brings the ball away, only for Sterling to nip back at him. That's really good play all-round.


Aguero chases a ball down the inside-right channel and this time Pepe saves his matter of principle foul for once the ball has gone.


I'd advise Luis Diaz to run at Walker now, but he's already doing it every chance he gets.


Porto move the ball from Diaz to Oliveira to Corona and nothing comes of it, but the ref then goes back to book Walker for treading on Marega.


There's not loads going on here but Porto have grown into it.


Elsewhere, Ajax and Liverpool, Inter and Glabach, Bayern and Atletico and Olympiakos and Marseille are 0-0. Atalanta lead Midtylland 1-0.


City are moving the ball so slowly.


Ederson is a dodgy keeper. There, I've said it. He tries to play out from the back but can only feed Uribe, who's so shocked at what's come to pass that instead of taking a touch and his time, he lashes a shot that flies away somewhere towards Longsight. That's a real waste because he had space and help.


GOAL! Man City 1-1 Porto (Aguero pen) how is Augero still taking penalties when he's not remotely good at them? He hammers this low and to the keeper's right; Marchesin goes the right way but just fails to keep it out, the ball bouncing down and high into the net.


But did Gundogan tread on Marchesin? Yes he did! The keeper is down getting treatment, and I'm not sure - the tread happened, but it wasn't deliberate, so I doubt it'll interfere with the existing decision. And here's the verdict ... penalty. Here comes Aguero...


PENALTY CITY! City break down the left as my console crashes and Gudogan barge-staggers past Marchesin, forcing the ball towards goal ... and it hits the post! But Pepe barges through Sterling, of course he does, and it's a penalty!


WHAT A GOAL WHAT A GOAL WHAT A GOAL! Man City 0-1 Porto (Luis Diaz) Uribe intercepts a poor pass from Dias down the left and finds Diaz, who sets off on a mooch into the City box and all the way around the City back four, circumventing Garcia and Cancelo before swivelling into a brilliant drilled finish, low across Ederson. What is going on with this sport?


Porto win a corner which City clear as far as Luis Diaz; he skews a shot wide and then some.


Rodrid lofts one over the top for Mahrez to chase, but he's deemed to have fouled Sarr while chasing after it. That's marginal but understandable.


Cancelo keeps the width and slides a diagonal ball in behind to meet Sterling's run, but Mbemba eases him out of it.


Rodro spreads to Walker who finds Mahrez, but Porto shut him down and the ball goes all the way back to Garcia.


Porto aren't engaging City's back four when they've got possession, preferring to conserve energy and close space.


City are moving it nicely, then Sterling barges Corona and Porto get out via free-kick.


I mentioned Malang Sarr earlier - he's meant to have a lot of potential, so look out for him signing for Celta Vigo in six years and 12 loans' time.


"Who'll give us the best possible insight on City v Porto?"

"Oh, Martin Keown."

That conversation literally happened.


Porto are playing a back three by the looks of things.


Away we go!


The players take a knee because all black lives matter.


Shakhtar have beaten Real Madrid in the Bernabeu. Incredible.


Play the music!


The players are with us.


On top of that, all those teams have the ability to improve on what they've got in January. If Liverpool sign the right centre-back, or if Man United find the right controlling midfielder, we're immediately talking about very different teams.


Wondering about who'll win the Champions League this term, it's a strange one. There's Bayern, who are the best around, then lots of other teams with puncher's chances - Paris, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Juventus, Barcelona, Madrid. By that I mean teams with flaws but with brilliant enough attackers to make it hard to back against them on any given night.


Pepe marking Sergio Aguero also looks like a lot of fun.


Marega, the Porto striker, looks a decent player. He'll be running in behind City's back four, but if the defenders try to make it physical, he's more than capable of dealing with that.


There are more Portuguese in City's team than in Porto's.


Guardiola says he'll play all his players in their positions, which he absolutely did not do at the weekend. He's pleased Aguero is fit again and says Laporte is close. He's wearing a roll-neck.


I wonder how helpful less challenging groups are for the teams playing in them. On the one hand, the better teams can progress with minimal effort, but on the other, when things get difficult they are less well prepared than those who've been scrapping with serious teams already.


Sterling is also captaining City tonight. What a player and what a man he is.


On BT, we're having a look at Ruben Dias, who speaks very good English. This City side is well past its peak now, but if they can be solid at the back they're more than capable of finally doing something in this competition.


Elsewhere in the group: Olympiakos v Marseille. I fancy Marseille for that one, but the only thing we know about any of this is that we know nothing.


City prepare....


It's got to be said that this is an extremely unadventurous XI Guardiola has sent out. I'm glad to see that Bernardo is back in midfield - he's wasted out wide - but I'm not sure they need both Rodri and Gundogan. There's no De Bruyne, incidentally - I guess he's rested but he might be injured.


City make two changes from the weekend. Out go Ake, who must be peeved not to be making his Champions League dayboo, and Foden. In come Garcia and Gudogan.




There's a lot of strange behaviour going on in this season's Champions League and we're only a night and a bit in, so it feels silly to assume an easy win for City tonight, but it's hard not to assume one nevertheless. City look to be getting themselves warm and for the first time since they got rich might just have a defence worthy of the name (or might not). Porto, on the other hand, have sold Alex Telles and Fabio Silva, bringing in Evanilson and loaning Malang Sarr from Chelsea, Felipe Anderson from West Ham and Marko Grujic from Liverpool, among others. They sit second in the Primeira Liga with seven points from four games, which is to say they're not yet settled.


Evening all, and welcome to Manchester City v Porto!