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Manchester United - RB Leipzig

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I really do not know what to say. That was devastating from United. Leipzig collapsed, but United forced them to collapse.


Full-time: Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig


GOAL! Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig (Rashford) MARCUS RASHFORD IS A SUPERHERO! Martial, who's got better and better, burrows into the box and squares for Rashford; the ball bounces up nicely off his first touch, and he fairly lamps it home. That's three goals in 30 minutes.


There'll be three added minutes.


Leipzig are all over the place and Bruno breaks through again, hanging on to feed Cavani - United are extracting the urine here - who rifles in, but was just offside.


GOAL! Manchester United 4-0 RB Leipzig (Martial pen) Bruno, the penalty-taker, and Rashford, on a hat-trick, allow Martial the spot-kick, as he won it and hasn't scored this season. That's some nice team spirit and the ball is duly smacked across Gulasci, who gets a touch, into the side-netting. This is now a brilliant performance and result.


Sabitzer is booked.


PENALTY MANCHESTER UNITED! Lovely football again, Fred sticking Martial in! He takes too long but is still in possession when Sabitzer slides in and brings him down!


Marcus Rashford! He takes the ball just outside the box and calmly snakes past four men! But he might've shot after the third, and the additional movement meant he screwed his shot into legs.


Tuanzebe and Cavani replaces Wan-Bissaka and Pogba.


United can be so god going forward. Rashford and Fernandes have been absolute dynamite since coming on.


GOAL! Manchester United 3-0 RB Leipzig (Rashford) What an impact! What a player! What a man! Fred wins a crucial challenge, poking the ball to Rashford, who see-yas Upamecano like a boss, screeches into the box, and absolutely leathers a finish past Gualsci.


Kluivert replaces Kampl.


GOAL! Manchester United 2-0 RB Leipzig (Rashford) This is a gorgeous goal! Play to the whistle, lads!


Pogba finds Fred who finds Fernandes, and without looking he sweep-scoops a lovely ball around the corner ... and Rashford is in! Everyone stops thinking he's offside, but he started the run from inside his own half! He draws the keeper, opens his body and passes into the far corner! No one's given a goal, but....


Lovely from Rashford, flicking first time down the line for Fernandes - he's so lively, already - and he looks up while haring towards the box, crossing low but too far ahead of Pogba.


Leipzig aren't enjoying this.


This is a good little period from United.


Lovely stab over the top from Fernandes! This is like the goal Martial scored against Man City, and he's there again! But as the ball drops, the can't quite a poke on it. The one in the derby was on his toes, because the free-kick was further out; this one was harder. But what a pass that was.


United have a little passage, moving the ball really quickly, and when McTominay finds Rahford, he draws the foul from Halstenberg. Free-kick, 22 yards out, just right of centre, and Fernandes fancies this.


I'd have been tempted to keep Van de Beek on and yank Pogba, but United probably need his height for defending set pieces.


Fernandes replaces Van de Beek, who's had a decent enough game without affecting it quite as he'd like.


Leipzig are chucking it at this now - they've got five men up.


Sorloth, formerly of Crystal Palace, replaces Nkunku. He goes right up front with Poulsen, which will give United a new problem.


Fred wins a challenge with Forsberg but can't make the second with Poulsen, giving Leipzig a free-kick, and it goes short then into the box; United clear. But Leipzig maintain pressure, Poulsen challenging for a ball at the back post which drops for Konate, who heads for goal ... but De Gea makes a decent reflex save at his near post, turningover the top.


Nagelsmann has seen enough, bringing Sabitzer on for Henrichs. It looks like Leipzig have gone to a four and he's on the right of that, but presumably not for the duration.


I don't get many, so give me this. On come McTominay and Rashford; off go Matic and Greenwood.


Nice from United, Shaw finding Martial, who's coming onto a game, and he burst into the box, where the defenders don't want to challenge. He slides a low cross, looking for Van de Beek, but Halstenberg gets there first, both of them on the slide.


Angelino finds Halstenberg down the left, but Wan-Bissaka, who's been extremely strong, again, sees him away.


There we go. McTominay is stripped and Rashford is getting that way. I'd expect Matic and Greenwood to make way.


Lovely one-touch stuff between Pogba and Martial, Martial cutting into the box along the by-line before being eased off the ball.


Nice from United, Van de Beek easing forward and with a man outside him. He catches Kampl with a stray arm and opts to go back inside, the move coming to nothing but giving United some momentum.


Henrichs tugs Pogba's shirt then goes through the back of him. He needs to careful.


Martial, who scored an own goal defending the front post in Paris, heads away.


Leipzig turn it up, Forsberg winning a corner off Lindelof when his cross is blocked behind.


Poulsen is starting to wind up Maguire, who fouled him for his yellow card when England played Denmark the other week.


Olmo launches a long diag towards Angelino, but Wan-Bissaka reads it and heads away.


Matic catches someone with his arm, I'm not sure who, and receives what looks like a final warning. I wonder if we'll see McTominay soon because the last thing United need is playing these with 10 men.


Nice from United, sending Martial down the left of the box. Again, his cut-back is the right move but poorly executed, missing the men, but Konate is committed to the slide and the ball hits his arm, but no penalty is given because it’s not in an unnatural position. Following up, Greenwood murders a shot that Gulasci is forced to beat away. Nice passage of play, that.


Leipzig press, but United move the ball across the pitch and back really nicely, then Wan-Bissaka finds Van de Beek. Upamecano has been dragged out, so he simply ploughs through and wins possession.


Olmo to Nkunku, who looks for Henrichs, but Shaw slides in and United clear. They're sitting very deep though, which is asking for trouble - when they were the better side, they were pressing high up the park.


Lovely touch from Olmo, finding Poulsen, but Maguire reads his low cross like he wrote it and gets the ball away.


Pogba allows the ball to run by him on the half-turn, rousting Henrichs, who yanks him back and is booked.


Sabitzer has done some warming up.


We go again.


That was an enjoyable half. United were well worth their lead and scored a lovely goal, and though Leipzig have improved since then, they've created the cube root of nowt.


Half-time: Manchester United 1-0 RB Leipzig


Martial, Shaw and Pogba triangulate down the left, and that should be enough for half-time.


There'll be one minute of added time.


Wan-Bissaka is so good in the tackle, and he slides in on Frsberg to concede a corner, which goes to Angelino on the edge of the box. He tries a ball over the top but Poulsen, must think there's someone behind him, because he lets it go.


And now they do, Martial backing in and drawing the free-kick. Shaw will swing it in from the touchline, but this time he can't find Maguire and the ref apprises a foul of some description.


After a really good opening half-hour, there's not much going on now. United need to get the ball into Martial's feet and go from there.


Leipzig are starting to dominate the ball, but they're struggling to find space in which to hurt United, Upamecano's diag out to Angelino looking nice but leaving him with no options other than to flight it straight to De Gea.


Not so bantorious now.


A quiet period, which United won't mind.


Matic strides through midfield and using his arms to do what I believe is called "running", he knocks Forsberg in the face. It looked to me like the Leipzig man ran into his hand, but the ref awards a foul and a yellow card.


Another ball towards the ball post, where Angelino has pulled off Wan-Bissaka, but he slices his shot. Leipzig are coming...


Nkunku looks for Upamecano at the bacl post, but between them, Wan-Bissaka and Maguire get the ball away.


Pogba looks to protect the ball and catches Olmo in the face, so Leipzig have a free-kick down the right, not far from the corner of the box....


Greenwood comes deep to help win back possession and megs Poulsen. He is sensational.


United have been really good so far; Leipzig have no-showed. These two things are of course connected, but Leipzig can do better than this nonetheless.


More possession for Leipzig, but United shut them down well, forcing Upamecano to scythe a shot somewhere towards Selhurst Park.


The goal seems to have Leipzig up.


But here come Leipzig, Olmo finding Nkunku, who absolutely thunders a shot that De Gea beats away at his near post. He's been really good these last few games.


But was he offside? It's really close, but the ref reckons not. To me, it looked a toenail off, but they've got the tools, so.


GOAL! Manchester United 1-0 RB Leipzig (Greenwood) "And Greenwood's in..." You know what's coming next. Fred wins the ball early and finds Pogba, who stretches forward and slides a pass in behind for Greenwood, who makes a brilliant run in between the centre-backs to meet the pass, shaking off Konate like a rag doll before easing an expert's finish across Gulasic into the far corner. That is a suuuuuch a finish, dripping confidence, competence and composure. I've been watching football 38 years, give or take, and I've never seen a finisher like him.


United have knocked Leipzig out of their stride a little, symbolised Angelino botching a simple pass to Halstenberg.


Nice, patient passing from United, but then with Martial on Matic looks for Greenwood and Halstenberg easily intercepts.


Wan-Bissaka just cruyff-turned! And it worked! (Just).


United have started really nicely here. They're pressing and moving with intensity and purpose, all the things they avoid doing when at their absolutely dreadful worst.


Shaw slides the ball down the line to Martial and Upamecano tries to go around him but goes through him. He likes to defend on the front foot, which is a strong attribute, butMartial has the feet and power to turn that against him.


Nice from United just outside the Leipzig box, the ball moving between Matic and Van de Beek before they try Upamecano again. This time, he eases Pogba out of things; United want a free-kick and it was close, but the ref decides to the contrary.


Nice from Leipzig, moving down the right, and Olmo finds a clever pass inside to Forsberg, who looks to sweep square across the box, but Wan-Bissaka is well-placed to clear.


Lovely from United, whose pressure allows Fred to win the ball high up, and immediately he slots a pass down the line and in behind Upamecano. Martial is onto it in a trice, and has men in the box, so he looks up, then slides a low cross that eludes all of them. Still, though, that's decent behaviour.


It looks like Greenwood and Martial are splitting, certainly out of possession, which addresses a problem united have when they play 4-3-3: slow centre-backs, midfielders who don't get out to the full-backs, who aren't protected by the wide attackers.


The corner's half-cleared and this time the ball drops to Shaw ... who only unfurls a curler, which looks decent until it clatters Pulsen on the back of the head. United have started well here.


United leave the free-kick to Shaw - not that is not a misprint - and he actually hangs up a decent cross that Maguire wins, nodding back across, and when the ball is half-cleared, Fred somehow directs a right-footer on target, forcing Gulasci to palm behind!


Martial flicks nicely for Pogba and wants a return, but Pogba dallies and takes the foul off Kampl.


I wonder how long it'll be before Tuanzebe takes Lindelof's place. He's been out a long time and struggled to stay fit for the year or two before that, so patience is necessary, but he's got all the attributes.


Olmo takes the ball off Henrichs and tries a return, Shaw humping into touch to stay safe. United them work the ball clear.


Leipzig aren't, in fact, playing four at the back, but three. United should look to exploit the space behind Angelino, problem being they've not got much width on the right.


It certainly looks like United are playing a diamond from the way they've lined up, with Fred on the right and Pogba on the left.


We're away!


The players take a knee. All black lives matter.


If United get a win here, they're close to through given the double-header against Basaksehir that comes next. But it's a very big ask, especially given their best player is on the bench.


Here come the teams!


I wonder how United's strikers will play. They might split and allow Van de Beek to come through the middle, or they might look to gang up on Leipzig's centre-backs. I'd try that to begin with.


I've not a clue how this game is going to go.


They've moved onto Dayot Upamecano, who Paul Scholes notes is very different to Lindelof and Maguire, comfortable in one-on-ones. He notes that Rio Ferdinand and Jaap Stam were like that, and that those players made those in front of them comfortable to just get on with attacking. Rio then says that when you're at the peak of your powers, you want the ball in behind you into the channels to show attackers that you've got them.


On BT, they're now elegising Greenwood, Owen Hargreaves noting that the barely celebrates his goals because he just expects to score. I'm really interested to see how he does playing in the middle and with a partner.


Ziyech and Pulisic have added a third and fourth for Chelsea.


I feel like I'm there.


Educate yourself:


I'm really excited to see how Donny van de Beek does tonight. He's looked really good each time he's played for United, scoring in his first league game, winning the corner that made the winner in his second and helping turn the game in his third. Given he'd had a pre-season, which most of his team-mates hadn't, I'm surprised we've not seen more of him before now, but we've only been going a month and I'm sure he'll get plenty of football. However I hope it's not either him or Bruno, because already you can see how well they'll play together.


Chelsea and PSG have both scored again, so lead Krasnodar and Basaksehir 3-0 and 2-0 respectively.


On BT, we're looking at Fred and the energy he provides. I also like his desire to pass the ball forwards, but he still lacks composure when the time comes for a key pass or shot.


Gary Lineker seems to have some new glasses. Least said.


Epic bantz.


I'd really like to see United play a diamond with Fred, McTominay, Fernandes and Van de Beek, and when they play 4-3-3, I'd like to see Fred or McTominay behind Fernandes and Van de Beek, with both of them running up and down.


I find it extremely odd that Solskjaer has gone back to Pogba and Matic. They've got a little more security with Van de Beek and Fred, but if they amble as they can, United will have a big problem.


I say that because Leipzig look to be playing 4-5-1, and have the players to run the legs off United. They lack a brilliant attacker now that Werner has left, and Sabitzer, their key player, is on the bench having been injured, but they'll know exactly what they're doing.


Have both teams picked four at the back because they thought the other team would play three?


Elsewhere, Chelsea lead 1-0 in Krasnodar, while in this group, Paris are drawing 0-0 away to Istanbul Basaksehir.


More specifically, Matic comes back in, which means United have a terrifyingly slow triangle tasked with shutting down Leipzig. Add Paul Pogba to that, and you wonder quite how things will work, whereas if you replaced those two with the rested Fernandes and McTominay, United would be looking strong. Otherwise, Donny Van de Beek makes his first start and Mason Greenwood comes in, with Marcus Rashford the other man to drop out.


They'll be playing a diamond tonight, which semi-suits the players he has. On the one hand, it allows his midfielders to get to work, makes least of the lack of wingers, while giving the opposing centre-backs plenty about which to think, and was nifty in the closing stages in Paris. But, on the other hand, it relies on the full-backs to keep the width and without Telles, United are extremely limited in that area.


So let's have a closer look at that United team...


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tells BT that Paris was a good result but Leipzig are good. He says United have looked more like a team in the last week, and is resting players who've played most recently, including the internationals. He notes that Leipzig are dynamic and it's never quite clear how they'll play, so his team have rehearsed a few different methods of lining up and he thinks United will cause them problems.


Let's have some teams...


This should be a really good game. United have loads of good attacking players and will be confident after their performance in Paris last week, while Leipzig are top of the Bundesliga thanks to an all-action style that is extremely enjoyable to watch. If both teams are on, this ooze rhythm and tempo.


Evening all, and welcome to Manchester United v RB Leipzig!