They may be out of the Champions League but the bonus for Liverpool against Real Madrid was that they looked like the Liverpool of old. The way they played that game, the way they attacked that game from being behind, was impressive. It was may have been their best performance of the season.
However, while people talk about them missing their centre halves this season, I think their biggest issue has been missing golden opportunities, and that, for me, has been their biggest problem. Mohamed Salah has been their best forward, but Sadio Mane has had an ‘off’ season. Not just failing to score the goals but in terms of his performances too. Roberto Firmino has been so in and out.
Long term, I think if they're going to do anything next season, they have to freshen up the front line. Maybe have a better player to bring off the bench rather than Divock Origi. If they sort their front line out and start scoring goals again then you will definitely see Liverpool challenging next season.
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I think Jurgen Klopp is going to go and maybe bring another striker in. But for now I think Diogo Jota has to start. He makes a massive impact, and I think a lot of Liverpool's issues wouldn't be there at this moment in time if he had not got injured. They’ve missed him, his liveliness, the sharpness, and the way he can score any kind of goal.
The goals he has scored since joining have been all different. I feel like he'll make a difference in what is left of the campaign.
But if Jota is to play between now and the end of the season, I think Klopp has to look at taking out Firmino. He’s just been so inconsistent. Even though he is the creative one, I just think they need to go all guns blazing with Jota.

'We were not good enough' - Klopp bemoans Liverpool showing against Real

Where do they go next? I've still got that feeling Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League. I think they will because they are close enough to fourth place in the league to still attack it.
Any run they can get together now for the next seven or eight games, I believe will take them back into the Champions League.
Klopp has been in bad times before with Borussia Dortmund when their expectations never really materialised. He has had his ups and downs over the years, so I think he definitely understands what he needs to do.
I think he shows his emotions maybe too much sometimes, but I think as far as Liverpool Football Club goes, he’s definitely going to be there next season, and his aim is to go and grab back the Premier League.
That is what surely will be his mindset. This season, it has got to be to qualify for the Champions League, but his next step is to regain that Premier League title.
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